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Day 263b (Second Sun, Hatred)


Author Comments

bruh, you actually hurt my feelings,

fuck you you broke ass hate machine,


I would be lying if I said I didn't feel sad,

In truth yesterday, was the worst I've ever had,

I drank from the sky in my eyes, the tears flowed,

The mountains contained, my soul is overboard,


I'm tired of facing those who want so desperately to die,

If it's want you want, get the fuck away from my life,

I'm not ready to die, but I am not your god,

The path that you choose, you lose yourself, in the face of heat

The depth of this death that I know, is more than I need,


I begin afresh, a new fucking week,


A new fucking year, passing by my ears,

As I feel alive, a word I can't define

When will you see, seriousness in me?

Will I give you life, right before you die?

Right before you die?


Fading, entering the darkness of my mind,

The push the pulling, bully, what's left in my eyes,

When I cry, did you see your son?

Did you get what you want?

To break me unconditionally?

To subvert, and break my will,


Speaking, of our entire will, do you remember the time,

My friends and I all failed?

We cried for your help, you watch as we fall,

As we fall,


We needed you, so long ago,

We fall through time,

Just to live,

Another life,

Drifting through these sands,

Sans my dreams,

Sans me,


I need you to be, more than you are,

And fucking save me,

I'm dying on my own,

Without love at all,

The dopamine, inside of me,

Is desperate without air,

I become a black hole,

Just the same path my father walked so long ago,


I feed on the hatred,

I swear it's made me,

Who I feel I am,

I will not fight,

Who I am,

The darkness is my life now,

Till the day I feel life's doubt,




Trace the shadows of the past,

Every step made forward is a step into the black,

The darkness is my skin,

You only see the shade the sun gives,

Ultra violet lights,

Illuminate what's in,

I face these knives,

With my tongue under my skin,


Death is at the door,

Ignoring all we've said again,

I don't feel alright, I am the night,

Contesting a point, of no return at all,

Live with me, die with me, show me all there is,

Be with me, run from me, dive in,


I feel the funk, drying out my bones,

Spending, these dreams, underneath the stars of this tongue,

Take me, break me, stay the fuck away from me,

I will not, ride the wave that you say,

I dive, to lie, awake,


Trace my memories, in your cage,

The context of a man,

Building up a god, in his hands,

You wanted the sky to fall apart and rain down your heart,

To close your eyes at night, and feel the rain return and meld with this cave,

To hear what you are,

Close your eyes and remember what you are,


These nightmares, refrain from shattering themselves, anymore

They aim, directly toward our hearts,

They will take all that we are,

Show me, love and I will lie for you,

Show me hatred, and I will die with you,


Compose a song, meant to be heard by you,

Carry my heart, over the mountains of youth,

Shattered, never heard, by anyone but you,

Living, so close to life,

In time you will know the frame of your life,


Step into your lungs, at night,

Break apart your heart, to survive these nights,

This transmission, with permission, to ignite,

I am trying to show you that you are alive,

Pulling, slowly to your life,

You go in time and feel your life,

Burn the words your father says during the light,

Remember, you are the darkest night,


Transport my mind, back into my chest,

Speak up son, when will you hear, the best of what is yet?

I have changed, and burnt away the worst aspect of life,

I cannot return, to face your darkened lives,

You do not know, any part, of what I control,

You step to me, try to be, something of a man,

But you are, a child, in my hands

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Mar 9, 2020
4:13 AM EDT
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