Oleo-in funk

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Sonny Rollins is one of my favourite composers, so i made "oleo" funk


Kick ass!

Really nice! Had a kind of Weather Report-esque feel as stated earlier, and I like that. The arranging is pretty intelligent, which is nice.

Also, you solo was damn solid and really happening, but just seemed a little too... white. It was nice and relaxed, but I felt like you needed to break out a little more. Don't be afraid to add a few scale runs here and there, and don't be afraid to linger a half-step away from the target tones. Also, some more triplet feel wouldn't hurt.

Just some thoughts. A damn good job man!

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sorohanro responds:

thanx for the nice review
if i think, this sound as white as it can get :))
i'm not satisfied with the solo at all
the story of this thing is like this: with the jazz band i play in we use to play a lot of standards (including Oleo) and i got borred of that "classic" way to play it, so, one day i told them "let's make it in funk" and they could not really imagine what i wanted ... so i had to make FAST an example.
i think i will remake this the way should be done (when i'll have time)

thanx again for checking my stuff


Nice hey again I'm think'n you did a dry recording then added the reverb right?But man thats nice.I remember do'n something just like that what jazz scale are you using??Maybe I can write something based on it.??

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sorohanro responds:

i usually put the FX after i record
the scales i use are the usual ones in jazz: dorian,diminished and pentathonic (sometimes also "blues scale" wich is coming from pentathonic)
and also sometimes i have no ideea what the **** i play, sometimes my fingers goes faster than my brain :)))

ooooh that feels good

classic track, this version sounds like mixture of weather report, galaxy high and fern brittan daytime telly.
trumpet solo sounds pretty damned good from where i'm sitting

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sorohanro responds:

i tryed to make it different, more in a funk way

Very slick, smooth piece!

It really is a shame that the masses here neglect, even get out of their way to degrade songs of this caliber.

I have never tried composing a funk song, nor even a jazz one, yet I do realize the level of skill it takes to build a solid tune like this, so even if I don't find much to say, I do tip my hat off to you. A song well made, is a song well made, without a doubt that is universally true.

I had this song playing on my speakers as I did some work around the house, it really helped fill in the silence, and the song loops incredibly. Maybe it was my own fault for not directly paying attention to the exact details, but I don't remember going "And from the top!" as the song started again.

Slick smooth saxaphone riffs you got going on, steady simple bass to underline it all. As I sit down to write this review, I see that the song does have a punch ending, which still serves the listener well so thats all good.

I'm afraid I don't have much else to comment on Soro. I don't think I could give criticism to make it better, but I did enjoy it, so hats off to you! Keep up the good fight and keep em coming!

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sorohanro responds:

thanx Maestro, you are very kind...
almost everytime i cut the song on bars, so, i guess that's why is looping ok
and i think i'll do another version, i'm not very satisfied with the trumpet solo.... and next one i'll do a little bit faster ;)
thanx for your very nice review

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Aug 8, 2007
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