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Crusher (Oblique Madness remix)


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Just made this in an hour or two.

In March, I'll be releasing a Toonami remix EP.

It will drop on the 17th which is also Toonami's first air date anniversary, clear back in 1997! I wasn't watching Toonami until a few years later, after Moltar left and TOM 1 was killed, so circa 2001 or 2002.

Also, I'm ashamed to say I never caught Gundam on air, but I did watch a handful of episodes of Sailor Moon and a lot of Powerpuff Girls. Thankfully, I can catch up on Gundam Wing via Hulu, which is how I acquired the dialogue sampled throughout this piece.

Please leave your honest opinion!


A civilian shuttle...

I'm sure god would understand the steps we're taking.

Isn't it about time you people realized the ones posing the most threat are none other than yourselves?

What's the matter Leyline?

Father, what is that?

Aren't you glad to be coming home to Earth?

No, not a bit.

I'm sorry I couldn't spend much time with you, but I'm afraid my work keeps getting in the way.

Father, next time we go out to Space... How about leaving yourself a little bit of free time?

We won't be needing you any further.

Mission accepted.

In order to attain peace and coexist, not only in the colonies, but within the whole earth sphere, we must have your cooperation. Unfortunately though, there are still those within the colonies who are doubtful of OZ and who insist on pointing out mistakes made in the past. However, I believe the day will come when people will understand the efforts made by OZ. That's my belief.

On the other hand, we have no means to counter violence.

That's what OZ is here for. As long as OZ is present, I have no doubt that justice will be served.

Once peace spreads into Space, even those who still harbour doubts towards OZ will awaken to the truth.


The shuttle will soon enter the atmosphere. Please be sure to fasten your seatbelt and remain seated.

SAMPLE: Tommy Guerrero (strings)

SAMPLE: Bill WIthers (drums)

SAMPLE: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - Episode 1 Shooting Star She Saw (dialogue)

SAMPLE: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - Episode 19 Assault on Barge (dialogue)

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Suuuuuper DUUUUUUPER stoked for this LP of remixes. Nice Bill Withers sample!

LibbyShimmz responds:

Thanks Dogg!

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4.40 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2020
9:03 AM EST
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10.3 MB
4 min 31 sec
  • FL Studio
  • Sytrus
  • Orchestral
  • Sonitex STX-1260
  • Toxic Biohazard

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