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Piercing Lazer - Care (Fan Tribute)


Author Comments

Get the song here, all proceeds go to my friend struggling with her children: https://www.realfaction.net/

This is dedicated to all of you, my fans and friends who donated money to get me out of my situation in Florida, which also comes with a music video ( https://youtu.be/DBDF6Ifds1g ) which has a surprise for those who donated! I can't thank you enough. I wouldn't be here without all of your support. Lyrics are below!

This is also dedicated to my close friend, Ariel, send her some love? Every purchase of this song, both on my website ( https://www.realfaction.net/ ) and BandCamp ( https://piercinglazer.bandcamp.com ) pages will raise money in aid of her situation to help her, her kids, and fiance. There is also a $5 purchase option, additionally.

More information can be found on her GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/f/a-little-love-for-mimi-and-eric?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link-tip&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet

Spread the love! Thank you for all the support!


Verse 1

I can't catch a break as of late,

people knockin' me down, I'm filled with so much hate.

Lately I've been through hell,

because I don't know how to manage my life well.

I used to hug the friends I had around,

now I'm pushing people back; I'm hugging the ground.

I've dealt with pain, neglect, emotional abuse,

what it's like to be taken advantage of, and used,

I haven't been the best of myself,

or an example of how to love anyone else.

I won't lie, it's been hard, after what I've witnessed,

I used to cry wondering when I could end this.

Please send me an angel or two,

to pull me out of this hell that I've been through.

I want to learn how to love at my worst,

while still being able to put myself first.


Say to yourself, "I have hope",

you're still alive, and you're trying to cope.

Say to yourself, "I matter too",

we have the same anatomy, even when we're blue.

Say to yourself, "I got a chance to take",

only you can take the risk that no one else will make.

Say to yourself, "I've got a heart and a soul",

reach inside, find yourself, what makes you feel whole.


They showed me how to care,

to wake me up again,

from the despair,

reaching out as a friend.

The fear has to end, and the hate,

it's hard to believe we can change our fate,

so if we lend a hand and a stone,

we can change course with a pebble on the road.

Verse 2

Sometimes I find myself in danger,

nowadays I find everyone to be "just a stranger",

I don't know who to trust after what I've seen,

abandonment throughout my life, know what I mean?

But I've had more support from strangers sometimes,

I still have good friends, but a dozen a dime.

One said, "hope your situation improves",

I said "Thanks, 'cause now I have less to lose".

'cause, everything's coming out of the blue,

I expect the unexpected, now I question the truth.

Another said, "It ain't much, but nor am I",

I said, "you still supported me, that ain't no lie".

They said, "I don't have a lot but it helps",

I said, "yes you do, because you have yourself".

I used to question why I should be nice anymore,

then I was reminded what I live for.

Pre-chorus 2

I've got helping hands from NG,

I'm breaking new ground, and I'm breaking free,

I kept trying not to get beat down,

kept pushing people out, I was lost until found.

Didn't know who had my back,

people say they love me, then execute the attack.

Sometimes it's hard to find the red flags,

but life's about learning what you want to attract.


So, care!


I'm gonna love the hate out of you,

'cause you've been beaten down and screwed,

by people who hurt and hate,

this is the environment that we create.

Let's heal the world and give a little more,

we're all weak, tired and sore,

but if we join our hands like this,

we'll fill our hearts, no more emptiness.

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Not a big fan of rock but I really like this! Good job man!

JohnnyGuy responds:


i've been listening to grindcore nonstop for the last week and this still sounds heavy as fuck

JohnnyGuy responds:

Haha thanks!! Lol

This genuinely makes me happy to hear, like it already has a great sound, pretty damn awesome but the meaning behind it makes it just so much better, must feel so much better getting the fuck out of Florida huh? :) Well done with the lyrics too, impressed that you can do all this by ya self. I don't know much about making music but I think this is fantastic!

JohnnyGuy responds:

Thank you! :) Yes.

This is definitely a new jewel in my playlist... Thanks a lot for all your great music, a decision to ask for help and accept it (wich is HARD as HELL, I'm the one to know it), and move on without giving yourself up. Take care. About yourself and others around you. And I'm sure there'll be more great songs, even better than this one.

JohnnyGuy responds:

Thank you! :D

Just incredibly bold, from the guitars to the lyrics. Here's to the next project you do of this scale being about your success :D

JohnnyGuy responds:

Thank you! :)

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4.50 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2020
10:55 AM EST
General Rock
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