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GearWax- Transient (Heroes Part 2)

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Author Comments

I listened to Heroes again and liked it enough that I thought I'd extend it with a second part, always feeling that it was way too short. any reviews/votes appreciated, this took me a WHILE

Update: Added a new remastered version

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Some comments.

By 37, the chord progression isn't offensive or anything, writing isn't bad. I would actually change the bass note for the 4th chord instead of just -1 semitone down for the bridges, to the one you use during your chorus. There is one point I can't hear the bass for the lead in that section.

I will say by our drop, the percussion is almost totally overwhelmed by the instrumental. I would turn it all down until percussion could be heard clearly. It should be the loudest part of your track, about like in before 3:30.

I'm most impressed by how much I've watched your composition improve. This song has both and A and B, and both parts are cohesive. You've also used detuned instruments in a way that doesn't bother my ears.

I think the drop and sections through 5:10 are your strongest. Great solos.

My remaining critiques would be for mix. Reverb is insanely and distractingly heavy on your percussion. I can hear that slapback panning in a circle, which, while technically cool, when done 50+ times over, is a little maddening. Remember to go through and low cut those wet signals to 250 hz or so, turn down the wet signal a bit. Maybe shorten the tail somewhat in the case of the snare. I eventually got distracted entirely by the seasick wooshing like, am I really hearing that? I would compress the dry snare and hats/kick some more, and if that didn't bring them forward enough in the mix, maybe grab a transient shaper, and then turn them up somewhat.

Stock electric piano sounds I tend to loathe, and I would still avoid them here just because they don't contribute very well to the texture.

Pleasure hearing from you again. Really enjoyed this piece.

Thanks for coming out to NGUAC!

Iosun responds:

Thanks for comments! This is abt a year old by this point and I love when I get feedback like this, really helps (percussion has been the thing i’ve been trying to get right for years now, and comments focusing on it in particular give a good sense of what needs to be fixed.

Done for the Review for Review thread.

I won't speak much about the actual composition because that isn't my strong suit. However, I will talk about what I do know, which is mixing and mastering.

The song as a whole suffers from something I used to do a lot, which was only using the mixer in my DAW to add reverb and delay instead of using it as another musical tool, or not using the mixer at all. From what it sounds like, this is the case here.

Every instrument and percussion piece is kind of just the same volume and in the same general frequency range. While the variety of instruments and sounds you used helps it a little bit in terms of differing between musical parts and sections, it's all very flat sounding. When you hear people talking about audio mixes, you'll often hear them talking about having a sound be in it's place; generally, this means a specific instrument or part in a mix serves a function and is placed somewhere in the mix that helps it achieve that function. For example, if you have a power metal band that has the guitars bass drums and singing, as well as a full orchestra behind them, you as an artist have to decide what is most important in the mix- and this can change throughout the piece. A piece might have a big orchestra beginning, but as the main band begins to play their metal parts the orchestra, despite it's size, might he put into the background in a supporting role.

Think of your musical compositions like a play. There are the main actors, supporting roles, and set pieces. As an artist you need to decide what parts or the main actors, what parts are supporting the actors, and what pieces help set your scene. doing this will help the parts that need to stand out do so, and the other parts will be where they're supposed to be.

Also, in my eyes there's also some questionable choices for instruments, especially the ones that were slightly out of tune, but hey, that's your call.

Iosun responds:

mixing basically isn't my strong point, yeah. i used the mixer pretty minimally, i'm relatively new to doing this so anything i would do felt like it would kind of sound like I was just doing it because it was an option in the program, something which I've been trying to kill.

to answer about the 'slightly out of tune' thing I think I may have messed with the fine on some during the drop and gotten used enough to the sound to have never changed it back.

thanks for the detailed review! i'll try to keep this in mind because i just generally don't use a lot of dynamics

Definitely something I would like to hear in next Kirby game :)

Iosun responds:

don't really hear it, but thanks!

Credits & Info


4.07 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2020
2:11 PM EST
Drum N Bass
File Info
7.7 MB
6 min 47 sec

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