children have the right to...

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children have the right to remain silent... a work in progress, any words are welcome:)

mad as a hatter this one, i like it but it'so ne of thoses tracks that'll prolly remain unfinished as it has no place other than in my lickle heed



at first i thought it was going to just be another noise song, but then the beat started. guitars like fourtet and nice original sound, kinda like the new mum albulm. this is one of the few songs ive heard on newgrounds that i think could actually get published. very good production. my only disappointment it that i thought the title was going to be a reference to BOC.

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

nice 1,
unfortunately this1 will never be finished either as it is on my HD which i think is sodomized.
the full title is children have the right to remain silent, don't get me wrong, i love kids it just seems that all the ones that come into my palce of work are noisey, spoilt, obnoxious little fekheads... but yeh, i did get the idea from BOC but i don't think the track reflects that.

children have the right to...

Oh.... I like. Refreshing on the ears... good work!


Uhm...yeah...it's strange...fucking strange BUT thats what I know from you. Not more, not less. Everything sounds fine on my ears on the instrumental side but the this hole thing is just akjdfasdjfopiadwjf0j, you know. ;)

Stop eating those cupcakes. D:<

Still a 5, since it's something unique on here.

Seen not heard

haha you know what the opening sounds like? a kids birthday party gone horribly wrong, like it's on ketamin haha. It's a great track, clanging away, has that ethnic feel which you capture really well. The kids voice always gets me, think it's ace.

Your production is brilliant mate, faultless and the dynamics are spot on, peaks and troughs, not all one level like meself. I nearly missed the sax, sneakily put in.

its great mate, fifen, 9/10


snoballandthmonyshot responds:

production ain't terrible is far from perfect tho...
there ain't no party like a special k party;/


this is some interesting stuff, real original, dont think ive heard anything like it before.

the intro was pretty cool, Love the clanging notes and nice string noises. nice blend of creepy child clips. the pentatonic asian riffs sound nice over the track, and everything flows pretty swell. I love the bassline, and nice glitchy sounding drums...also love the ethnic percussion. you got going on in this track, again, this is pretty unique cool sound. I love the tinkle/tinker/baby bell riffs that ends the track, and it loops very well back into self. lots of ddiferent bits in here, all sounds very cool.

this was a combination of creepiness, groovyness, ethnicallity schism, all very pleasing sounding. wish it could be longer tho.

more please!

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

glad u enjoyed it squier, i'll keep you posted of a full version

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Aug 3, 2007
3:05 PM EDT
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