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Time Attack (Remastered) in E

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Noisysundae — Sate Your Musical Appetite.

"Time Attack: One of the menus back in 2014, the first year of Noisysundae. Many of my menus back then are more aggressive, but have less number of instruments and poor mastering. I also leaned toward the repetitive side composition-wise, and even now, I'm still not quite sure if doing that is considered good for most people."
— The Manager

This is a remastered menu from the 2019 remaster set. This set's main aim is to bring the old menus' quality to be on par with the newer ones while alter the original materials as little as possible. The most noticeable change in these remasters is that they taste much better on speakers or any other devices that do not isolate audio channels (such as headphones, where the waves from left and right side are not mixed with each other). Other improvements are better tonal balance, leveling, and moving most of the lower frequencies toward the middle of the stereo. It is also a good opportunity for us to present you the old menus you might not have heard of.

Menu: https://newgrounds.com/playlists/view/293d54b86d931d634092948546fa9c9d

Tip Box: https://paypal.me/Noisysundae

The 2019 remastered menus also acts as samples of extra contents which, on newer menus, are paid contents (e.g. Motivation, Miss Flora). You can get the main menu, the alternate key, the hum-along version (no lead melodies), and a ringtone, all for free! We will also save you the hassle and make all other freebies linked in this description available there. Check out the second link! We also sell the royalty-free license of this menu (music track) at Gumroad for those who wants to use it for your commercial contents (unless your content is Newgrounds exclusive. You are good to go in that case!).

Also, our main menus are for free! Do not "buy" them from anyone else.

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© 2014-2020 Noisysundae, CC BY-NC-SA. For commercial use, request for alternate licenses, or business inquiries, please contact us.

About: https://noisysundae.blogspot.com/p/about.html

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I remember this...

Really really cool, in game fight or in geometry dash too, i will give you 90 stars for shure,

Noisysundae responds:

"Shure? Pun intended?" — The Manager

My opinion, that sound can be phatter. This track is missing some serious frequency range. It's unfair because the track kicks ass in every aspect minus the mix. It's not even like the the mix is bad or anything, it's just small. Everything can use more volume and punch. Maybe more layers with those drums would help. Conservative amounts of compression on everything. Mind you compression can make sounds louder as well as quieter. Hit it.

You can also pan things way harder. Rig once told me that you can make sounds seem louder than they really are by panning them. That illusion will allow you to drop the levels on those instruments which adds more overall room to the mix for other instruments and noises.

Rig referred to those same background noises as background intangibles. Background intangibles don't contribute to the rhythm or melody. They just add sass and character to the track. Atmospheric sound effects. Think of a game like Mario cart where you're driving along and something you pass on the track makes noise like a volcano erupting or a hawk screaming as it zips by you. Atmosphere.

This track is so dope. I just wish it was louder so I could turn the volume down a little. I'm listening at max and my ears are still squinting :p

Edits: accidentally spelt "ass" instead of "add." Oops, Frued slip.

Noisysundae responds:

"And you still gave it a 5 despite all these flaws, so thank you. :D

As the title suggests, the original mix was made long ago. One of my goals for the 2019 remasters (which includes 15 menus I'm going to release on Sundays) was to alter the original elements only where it counts. Anyway, this one in particular has a very small number of instruments to begin with. This was pitched up by 2 semitones, and the detuned saw was buried under a heavy reverb. Those might explain the lack of mids and everything lower than that in some parts. I do make use of compression and layering (though maybe not much for the latter) for newly made menus lately.

Regarding the stereo field, I completely agree with that. I've committed murder with using stereo offset in almost every instrument in the past for the sake of widening things, but that works only on the headphones. Pretty much all of them older menus are ruined in merged mono. It's either panning or inverting one of the channels for me now, but to do the latter means to sacrifice some sounds when played outside headphones (due to the phase cancellation).

Sound effects too are what I hesitate to add to the menus. While it helps emphasizing the atmosphere, it can also limit what this menu can be in listener's mind, and that's not good if someone wants to use my menu for their contents. Sure, I can give them a version with no sound effects, but I doubt anyone will bother asking me for it. They'll just go for something else in that case.

Oh, I didn't mention this since I've literally rewritten this reply because I lost all of it by pressing escape, but I'll go with doing stereo stuff to make it sound louder. I want to keep the same mastering rules for all my menus." — The Manager

This is pretty nice! It's like a flowing dnb, I really like the fact that each section goes well along the others.

Pretty solid job!

Noisysundae responds:

"Thanks but seeing something as good or bad is always subjective, man. I won't call it a fact. Anyway, your comment seems to confirm that it's fine to make a repetitive arrangement sometimes. :)" — The Manager

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4.57 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2020
7:59 AM EST
Drum N Bass
File Info
9.2 MB
3 min 24 sec

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