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For every hero that never made it to the end, and exist now only by the bard's tales.

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Country Fire Authority Australia

The fires raged through the night, the crew were all but buggered, their mateship and courage fought on. the fires grew to tens of metres high. they fought on. On the local news it was dubbed Ash Wednesday, as most of Victoria and South Australia were now ablaze. They fought hard into the night, to save a family cut-of from the road. 3 hours passed and they we gone, the call went over the radio, Truck is down, the words echoed through every fire fighter, they had ran out of water and the fire surrounded and engulfed them. No one was found, only the burnt out empty shell of the Scania they drove into the area. Their spirits still hang there, fighting that fire, trying to save the family that lived in the small brick house. Their Courage, Bravery and Mateship now taught in every Fire House from Melbourne to Mildura, Kaniva to Albury Wadonga.

Look after your mate, don't leave anyone behind. Those who died in the fires of Ash Wednesday we comemorated and a hall of fame made in Canberra. Their loved ones still miss them to this day. As for the Fire Crew who died saving the small brick house, they are lost... but definatly not forgotten.

Another story, I guess. lol

He lay, cloaked in blood, nothing but a shadow of his former self. And above him, the rains poured as they had not in many long years. The famine, the drought, the war; it was all over. A broken smile flitted across his face. At last, at long last, he had defeated his enemy and brought peace to his kingdom.

A child, no older than four or five, rushed to his side, kneeling down in the mud and gore surrounding the fallen King. "My Lord, please hold on, just a while longer," he begged, picking up a bruised and bloody hand, tears and rain mixing on his face. "The Healer-mages will be here soon, my Lord. Just hold on."

But it was too late. King Roger's eyes were already fading into the sunset. "Tell my Lady not to weep and not to mourn. For I died protecting the people that we loved..."

"Tell her that I loved her with all that I could. And that I'll see her again, one day..."

The lad cried shamelessly, feeling the storm pick up as it carried his master home...


That's what I imagined in my head, I guess. I hope you enjoyed it! Your music always creates the most beautifully, intricately detailed scenes in my mind. =]

MaestroRage responds:

what... an incredible description :(...

I really felt this story, it was heart felt, and gave me goosebumps as I read it.

Thank you, really, for this. And again for the review. I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope you continue to write for many years.

the end of my story (thank you)

ten long years, i am twenty and five now, scars and tattoos mark each leg of my journey, i would of never known who he really was, he was "the great": as he so often said, although cruel and dark in his art Arthru in his way had cared for me, i tell you the truth i am woman for all of this, a better woman. ever since that fateful day when he came and tore me asunder and my life to the way side and i became his personal healer, his hard and methodical training was to infuse me with the skills that would be vital to survive in this world, now that we have collected the sacred pages life in this land can begin for the first time out under the rule of tyranny and injustice and i stand here at his grave wondering if he would have it any other way, his glorious death on the feild of battle where he was home, i could of saved him but this was his fate and just for that brief moment the storm clouds parted in his eyes and i could see his humanity.

wow......im speechless.....

*bows down*
Your music has inspired me to write a book, and I listen to ALL of your music while I am writing....
*bows again*
Keep up the good work!!!

I dropped my headphones.....

"I found it! At last!" Thomas Fletcher ran up the grassy hill, overlooking a small valley in which a small cabin lay.Thomas stood, think of the hardships he had conquered, and ran to the cabin, overjoyed with his self-esteem. On the door a sign read, "For those who wish to find their hopes and dreams, enter." Thomas eagerly opened the door, surprised to only see a old, dusty table with a book. The title read, "The True meaning of Friends." Good job, although i had trouble picturing that story :)

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