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Midnight Opiate

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An Herbal blen of techno and A DnB of sorts. Please, enjoy and review!


Nice, but.....

Nice, but

1) The bass needs more..... hmm, how should I put this? It needs more Bass?

2) Hmm.. A surprising amount of variation. I could most probably make that into Songs

Apart from that,

the high pitched melody does'nt have enough wet (is that how you call that?) in it


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Twistedtechnology responds:

hmmm i suppose it could use a bit more bass.

Not quite sure what you mean after that, but nonetheless thank you for your suggestions and for the review!

sounds great

this song is pretty cool, just needs more "umph" to it if u know what i mean...still very nice melody and sound effects =]

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Twistedtechnology responds:

thanks a lot for the review! Im glad you liked the melody :) hmm, i might go back and look at it, but im not sure :P


VERY Nice!

First and foremost, thank you for picking a title that actually feels like the music. That aside, the song has something most techno songs don't: variation. The beat was consistantly morphing, at points reminding me of Aphex Twin (particular 0:46; ever heard Bucephalious Bouncing Ball?). The beat that kicks in at 0:55 is also fairly strong. Still, the beats are nothing compared to the melody, which is where the midnight feel comes from. Definitely downloaded, definitely given a 5.

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Twistedtechnology responds:

Variation is one of the biggest things i try to incorperate into my techno now, which is why it takes me longer now to post new songs, because im not throwing the same few loops in together and repeating it fifty billion times.......

I cant say i've heard the song you're talking about, i dont normally listen to that much techno to tell the truth. I love to listen to it, and love even more to make it, but honestly, the majority of the music i listen to is metal XD.

But again, i've been using different beats and blending different things together to try and create a style of techno that people can enjoy without getting bored to death by 5-8minutes of the same loops... My songs might be short, but i feel they do a bit more in the department of portraying a "story" XD

Im really glad you liked the melody for this one, its actaully one of my favorites atm XD

Thanks for the review and the download!!!!


Damn good!

As long as I have been coming here for techno I have not been so dazzled as I am with this song. Even when I go out and buy techno CD's they cant compare to this. Keep uo the good work.

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Twistedtechnology responds:

Yea, Thats why I gave up on buying techno in stores (not trying to sound concieted or anything, i still think im a good bit off from making pro cds lol) because i never find anythign i really like. Just about everysong is 3 or 4 minutes of the same thing playing over and over again, with little diversity. Now, there are tons and tons of techno artists, and im sure there are some out there i would love, but so far my search of such a broad genre has yeiled very little :S

Anywho, im glad to see I've dazzled you above the other songs you've been listening to here, reading that brought the biggest smile to my face that i've ever had!!

Thanks a ton for your review!!!


Loved the mix of Techno and Drums N Beats! :D

This audio stared off quite slow in the beginning and then it started to pick itself up towards the middle and end. The beats and rhythems were really good. This audio does have a midnight feeling to it. Maybe the melodies in this audio give it that type of feeling. Anyways, loved the different varities of sounds that you used. I liked this audio. Overall, this audio was great and I enjoyed hearing this! Great Work Twistedtechnology! :D

-4.58 / 5.00 (+ 0.17) Voted 5! Your 8th Vote! :D


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Twistedtechnology responds:

hey, thanks a lot for your review!! Im really glad you liked this song, i put a lot of effort into this one! Took me a good bit to find sounds that would go good with everything else XD I based the entire song around the opening synth, giving it that spacy kind of feel to it!

Thanks a lot for the vote, it really means a lot!!!


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Jul 26, 2007
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