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Some Birds Are Not Meant To Be Caged

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Author Comments

The soundscape you heard in this track was a multiple processes of sound design. I want the track to feel euphoric. That's all.

The title is a quote from The Shawshank Redemption. I'm thirsting to prove how free I am when come to music production, I'm no bound to judgement when come to creativity. Unrestricted creativity.


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Great work! This is really next level.

I would say to my ears it doesn't sound euphoric though. It's high-energy and epic, but more like dramatic and full of tension, to me.

Still, I REALLY enjoyed it, even if in a different way than you originally intended.

Mooke responds:

Thank you for your review! :)

Finally found time to listen to the tracks from August. A truly uplifting piece! Makes you wanna fly real high!

Mooke responds:

Thank you so much for your review, Remile! :)

Have a good week and take care! Cheers!

This is pretty rad in a lot of ways! But there's some stuff I'd adjust slightly. Prepare for a super uncalled for critique from someone who is probably worse at music than you:

1. The drums are WAY too compressed and busy to the point that they're actually clipping. They're also pumping in a kinda weird way? I'd check that compression release value. It seriously feels like there's probs like 10db of gain reduction on that drum bus compression (assuming you did it like that).

2. This track feels like it wants to be EPIC, but it's being held back by how busy it is! It starts off so rich and dense that it doesn't have space to grow. There's just too much...pick the best stuff and start chiselling away at the unnecessary stuff! As far as I can tell there's like vocals, guitar, bass, snare, 2 hi-hats, kick, strings, a choir, 3 different arpeggio synths, horns...

3. The drop at 0:44 is cool but barely impactful because of how much crazy stuff happened before it. Also the compression kinda kills that attempt at an explosive dynamic growth. Creating a bit of space in your mix before that "drop" would work wonders!

4. Those synth chord swells, dooty arpeggios (x3) and vocal melody are 100% in different keys right? Not sure if intentional or not or just getting jazzy and spicy up in here but it pokes out a little.

I'll stop. I'm sorry I just couldn't resist because this is so close to being ludicrously epic but needs some tweaks! I can't wait to hear more of your stuff :)

Mooke responds:

Thank you for your constructive review. However, A) the intention of this track is to show off sound design, and B) I never gave a rat ass about being epic nor melodic. I hate to see you missed the points so profoundly, particularly when you merely tried to be helpful, which I'm very grateful for your comment.

Literally the title hinted the fact that this track gonna be very different from bazillions of generic shit released. I don't conform to theory nor boring production. Every track I made is a brand new experience for me and especially the listeners, and I'm sure you were confused the fuck out when listened to this one. It's difficult for conformists to think outside the box. I hope you aren't one.

Once again thank you for your review. At least you put some effort to it. Also I don't get long review very often.


Needs to be less awesome. K thanks.

Mooke responds:

I'll try my best :P

Thank you for your comment. Have a good weekend!

This is just lovely! The title fits this song well! The sound design is on point. This piece gives me that 'Fight Back' type of feeling. Perhaps that comes from the title, but I really can see this being in some sort of animation where the hero gets back up and proves his will to fight.

Keep it up!

Mooke responds:

Thank you for your review :D

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4.29 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2019
3:19 PM EDT
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3 min 42 sec

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