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From the Dust You Whisper


Author Comments

"And you will be brought low;

from the earth you shall speak,

and from the dust your speech will be bowed down;

your voice shall come from the ground like the voice of a ghost,

and from the dust your speech shall whisper." - Isaiah 29:4

This is a demo I've been working on for 8Dio's upcoming library, "Equinox." Not that I would know if they decide to use it or not, but it's been fun to mess with.

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I've always found it fascinating how an artist can make many different styles of music, yet they all contain the signature of the one who made it in some way. Almost as though the music is somehow etched within their DNA. You've crafted myriad themes over the years, yet each one is distinctly you, giving listeners a multifaceted glimpse of the much larger whole.

I have always felt that sharing the music which pours out from one's soul is like offering up a piece of oneself, at least in some small way. That is what makes music so personal and intimate; the sharing of it with others so very profound. Our desire to put ourselves out there becomes stronger than any fear of rejection, and the artist is born. Not simply through the existence of his or her works, but by the acknowledgement of them by others. Why, to hoard them all to ourselves and not allow others to enjoy them would be tantamount to sin!

And so I thank you for each and every time you share, have shared, and will share a piece of yourself with us. The music takes you away from your friends and loved ones, if only for a little while, but that is the sacrifice we make for our art. I acknowledge and truly appreciate what you, and all artists, do. After all, I consider myself to be among your ranks.

I guess that I was feeling textually talkative, so hopefully I can be forgiven for the loquaciousness of my review. All I'm really trying to say is that I very much enjoyed listening to this, your newest musical offering. It is quite different from your usual fare, yet remains innately Phonometrologist-esque at its core. Thank you for the experience, and I wish you and yours all the best.

Phonometrologist responds:

Hey Chrono. Thanks for the cool review. It's really interesting that you say that through the different styles, an artist may still contain their signature in some way. I really don't know what my signature would be. I suppose that's because it's not my focus and I the write music the way I hear it. Philip Glass said in one interview that young composers will seek to find their voice, but the hard part is getting rid of it. As if to say that our own voice is flawed and the true beauty is in the music itself. To capture butterflies in order to analyze them within a case is taking away the essence of what they were created for. As beautiful it may be displayed, it is lifeless. Or in another example, Lord Tennyson wrote in the Lady of Shallot that as soon as the Lady interacted with the outside world, she died. This was a representation to his belief that an artist ought merely to observe the world. When humans try to capture the world's beauty, it immediately gets tainted as we are an imperfect and cursed creature.
On to your next point, I've always taken that view so I cannot agree more with your sentiment. Music is meant to be shared, and I find it to be the job of an artist to let go of any feelings one might have to possess it. And yes, these pieces of music are our babies. It can be awkward to share something that is personal and intimate, but as I previously mentioned, our children cannot be coddled away from others.
And finally, mentioning how we sacrifice time to explore music away from friends and loved ones really touched me, because I really haven't thought about it that way as a sacrifice for me. But it is a sacrifice. My wife sacrifices her desire to spend time with me so I can do this. Staying up late and away from family to do music has been bittersweet. I simply cannot stay away from it for long, and so I am grateful that I have my family to graciously accept that. Even when they don't fully understand it.
Thank you

I like the murky atmosphere at the beginning, the vocals in the background, and the gritty industrial-sounding effects that fade in and out. The percussion is cool too, and I like the synth riffs at :48. The texture takes a while to come together, but the ominous mood and atmosphere help keep me engaged. I liked when the beat fell away at 1:38, and the synth arpeggios and airy vibe at 1:50 adds to the sense of intrigue and suspense here. The vocals at 2:18 are really nice, although I’m beginning to lose a sense of cohesion in the structure by this point. The guitar solo towards the end is pretty sweet, and helped give the piece a sort of harmonic dynamism that it was otherwise lacking imo. I still think you could’ve done a tad more to resolve the underlying tension of the piece here, and I’m sure you can anticipate my criticism of the hasty ending. :) Still, I have absolutely no complaints with the mixing, sound design, or atmosphere. I think you nailed the mood and flow of this piece. The piece has a good sense of shape, too, but I think you were still playing it a bit safe with elements of the harmonic content. Overall, though, solid work here, Phonometrologist! Keep it up. ^_^

Mixing, mastering, and balance
Structure, transitions, phrasing, and variety
Melody, tonality, harmony, and texture
Instrumentation and sound design
Emotion, atmosphere, and catchiness
Originality and uniqueness
Overall (how do the elements above interact?)
Composite score

Phonometrologist responds:

Well I cannot say that I disagree with any of it. I appreciate the review as it is all reassuring. This piece still feels a bit odd to me whereas it doesn't quite finish with the same energy as the first minute and a half of the piece. But it has its own character and I've accepted the piece for what it is.
Regarding the harmonic content and "playing it safe." You're probably right. What was on my mind in creating it was making sure I showcase the sample library so it can be used as a demo. Sound design, mixing, and the percussion were the main focus, and the harmonic content wasn't anything I really tried exploring. I'd much rather write a piece that offers something deep and meaningful in terms of the harmonic and melodic content, but this often requires a lot of time interacting and listening to a piece of music to explore its secrets. The theory aspect of music is like a religious experience for me where each individual note plays an important role in finding the next one. I simply couldn't do it here as this was more of an exercise in writing to a specific deadline.

I didn't notice the length until johnfn pointed it out. That makes the song even more impressive xD

Phonometrologist responds:

Was it intentional? I cannot say that I do not disagree.

I'm consistently impressed by the stuff you put out! Love how this is a variation on your style but still manages to be recognizably yours.

Looks like both you and LunyAlex went for the dark side of cinematic/electro this round and I dig both of your guys tracks. Great stuff!




Also 4:20 BLAZE IT

Phonometrologist responds:

It was my way to sniff out the potheads of NG by seeing who would notice and get excited.
Looks like I found you.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Always a pleasure!

The first half is some real dark shit and I loved every moment of it. The second half I loved even more. Awesome stuff!

Phonometrologist responds:

Thank you

Credits & Info

4.60 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2019
12:58 AM EDT
File Info
9.9 MB
4 min 21 sec

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