oddlem demo reel (gone scary) (not clickbait)


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hey guys make sure to SMASH that subscribe button, click on the bell, follow my twitch. please. after the idubbbz disaster my channel has been in ruins, I've been living in my car for the past year, I have to fight for scraps in the dumpster. I'm so hungry. Did you know that you can eat cardboard if there's nothing else to eat? me either. I found that out the hard way because someone stabbed me in the back over a skittle and all I had was a box. my mom doesn't even want to see me ever again, she says that she no longer sees her son but instead sees a homeless monster. she's not wrong, but it still stung

But anyway, thank you for watching my let's play of sonic speed racing, have a leafy day

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Well, this was fucking great.

Definitely showcased your humor and your mic is crispy as fuck.

Good luck out there!

It's great to see you throw your voice out there first time I heard it. Keep it up you have a good range of characters.

Oddlem responds:

Yoo hey wondermeow, thank you very much man!

I can't believe it's really you Leafy, back on the grid, that pesky Idubbbz must be shaking in his boots right about now

Oh and uh erm ah uh great voice reel, you've got a pretty good ra n g e

Oddlem responds:

thank you man thank, I'm so hungry you wouldn't believe
gotta start making a living again, you know?

Also T H A N K!!

The valley girl one was pretty great, and that one around 10:12 honestly sounded super weeby and perfect if you can do that consistently while saying anything. Definitely my favorite.

Oddlem responds:

Ayy thank!

This is very goood, some little professional advice though:
Turn up the reverb up 690% to make sure no one can understand what you are saying.
That is how voice acting professionals like Vic Mongoloid got their debut in animes like Full Molesting Alchemist

Oddlem responds:

Ohhhhh that's true! That's true!
Next time I change the speed to 1000 bpm so that it's just white noise dw dw

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Aug 5, 2019
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