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Voyager (remastered)


Author Comments

HD download: https://midnightsocean.bandcamp.com/track/voyager-2

Still needs some work but I gota keep going. Too many tracks to finish and remaster before the newyear.

Made in logic pro using a very long list of guitar pedals and the korg monologue.

Feedback welcome.

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I feel like I should have paid to hear this

Dino Crisis 2 vibes

That's a solid pad open, crikey. I love stereo field abuse.

You're right in my ballpark here, ambient, dissonance, but chill. Your bass drone is a bit too loud, its clipping your mix. The spaciousness and hidden melody though, yeahhhh. i'm at 250. Where's that glitch beat. It would elevate this, get that groove going.

Saws, sines, tris. lovely. Its tickling my brain. You must be using crystal on this, too many tones i recognise which is no bad thing.

5 mins in....love it. You have beautiful tone. Your mix is just too heavy, work on eq, high pass your lows, low pass your highs, let it breathe. Roll your reverb back, about 12% max room verb. You want space but not overlap.

7 mins. I'm waiting for this breakbeat. Drop it with that vocal sample, reward me. There's so much build but no release reward.

I absolutely adore this track. It really tingles my synapses. Its a 5 all day. But hopefully you can rebalance the mix, drop that beat in and create a monster.



Midnights-Ocean responds:

Very cool. Glad you liked. Yeah there’s a few more corners to iron out on this one. I probably missed a clip here and there. Might also be an artifact in the original recording though. This tune is made from many older takes I did on my pedal rig, so there’s some grudge in there.

I wanted to elaborate the grove part but was afraid I’d make this track even longer lol. Maybe next pass I’ll extend it, just a little.

No crystal. A patch on big tick’s rhino plugin and pitched up idiopan tongue drum.

Thanks! I was very pleased with the sound palette on this one. Yeah lol I tend to be a lead foot on the mix. I’ll thin it out a little next pass.

It’s difficult to decide if I want this beat driven or atmosphere driven. So much easier to make the pads sound huge when there’s little beat to eat up dynamic space. I’ll keep your critique in mind though : )

Epic review dude! Thanks so much ^_^ I definitely will re-read this before I work on the tune next time!

Credits & Info

4.79 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2019
10:53 PM EDT
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12.4 MB
9 min 13 sec

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.