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T-Logic & Young God F/Dunterbe - #NoRespect

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Author Comments

This project was made in April and May 2019 in Logic Pro X. It's the almost-annual collaboration that my college friends and I make (and unfortunately our last one because we just graduated). We sing/rap of our beloved friend group, whose Snapchat group chat is named #NoRespect after an inside joke (see 1:02). I know it's quite a long piece, but we had a lot of ground to cover. We spent a collective 14-16 hours on it. Hope you enjoy! ^_^


[Intro: TaintedLogic]
So drunk on memories, just hold me steady.
Schoolwork a reverie, but this moment heavy.
Someday we’ll leave this coop, add light to the world’s gloom
And there’ll be a new group sitting in the corner of the green room.

But ‘til our futures rise with the sun,
We’ve got the whole world frozen at GR1.

[Concept skit: Young God & Nick Damianos]
So tell me, Nick, where did you study abroad at?
I studied abroad in Spain
Oh, Spain. Interesting. Where abouts?
Just a little city called Tarragona.
Tarragona. I haven’t heard of that before. Where is that?
It’s on the eastern side of Spain.
Eastern side. What more?
Just, you know...by Barcelona, Valencia, just in that area.
Oh, the east coast of Spain? Is that what you’re saying?
Yeah, it is what I’m saying.
Uh, I’ve only heard of the Mediterranean coast of Spain before.
Oh, what gives? Lo que da.

[Verse 1: Young God]
Back on the beat, my flow’s super neat.
I’ve got Mikula on my side so you better hide your bride.
Lookin’ for the parties, call me Jeb. Please clap.
This verse is last-minute, but our friendship is forever.

Things are good now, but they’ll only get better.
Jesus fed the masses, and David’s ego is massive.
Your music taste is bad. It’s really quite sad.
I’m not James Murphy so I’ll never play the hits.

Manatee on my shirt, holes in my soles.
No napkin dispensers, Commons cups so old.
Keep the game tight, like Chazzy and his slice.
Destroy you with Marth, better than the Abarth.

These lyrics are fire, spittin’ through the wire.
My name’s not Kanye, but here’s a SlowJam.
I want to thank my friends for the best years of life.
Page 4 forever, I’ll always ride or die.

[Chorus: TaintedLogic]
Well I’ll bet I won’t remember all the regrets.
Paint thinner, rat poison, I’ll all forget.
But this moment we’re as fundamental as the alphabet.
Your humor, your beauty, your intellect.

We’re more than just a few subsets.
March Madness we’re the only upset.
The symphony that grew on the quintet.
You all belong to #NoRespect.

[Verse 2: Dunterbe]
Call me Ralph Nader, time to tighten your belt.
Page 4 crafting up a rap like we’re working with felt.
Blend between Wilm and Bates, call it 302.
Having a blast hangin’ with Nicks, Mad, and Drew.

Quality hangs with friends keepin’ me up all night.
George gave me another cracker and asked for a light.
Hope Maine life won’t expire like a vulnerable lion
But we’ll still hang out after Bates so there’s no use in cryin’.

My flow’s not always consistent, but I’m not in a hurry.
Crusin’ through verses like an RNC Murray.
Raps getting filthy somebody find a paddle.
There’s beef with the sheriff so go watch the cattle.

Wrote some wacky lyrics before but they don’t fit naturally.
Like how a peace treaty between bugs and men is net neutrality.
But obligations are not a part of this song.
Just happy to be here, and get to sing along.

[Alt Chorus: TaintedLogic]
Well I’ll bet I won’t remember all the regrets.
Paint thinner, rat poison, I’ll all forget.
But this moment we’re as fundamental as the alphabet.
Your humor, your beauty, your intellect.

We’re more than just a few subsets.
March Madness we’re the only upset.
The purple edge on the sunset.
You all belong to #NoRespect.

[Bridge: TaintedLogic]
M. Currie on the piano!

I’ve been lookin’ for you
Desperately for I had to be sure
You’re a dorm floor
That’ll turn up harder.

I’ve been searchin’ for you
Restlessly like the party in store.
This is my semi-nostalgic,
Rap-ballad hybrid song.

This is the #NoRespect anthem!

[Verse 3: TaintedLogic]
Go to Cape Cod Bay, tryna catch some waves.
Go to Fenway, gotta catch the Rays.
Wait for Chazzy and Sarah. RIP.
Wooster, Ohio 2020 roadtrip.

Cruising down the highway with our sippy cup lids off.
Megan won’t stop talking ‘bout that GoT spinoff.
Gotta carbo-load on that Midwest dining.
Coker got stoned so Miss Daisy’s driving.

Josh sitting passenger blasting Selena.
10 Frye infighting like a pack of hyenas.
Probably started with a Jason fable, but the
pets at the rest stop are cute. Ask Rachel.

Bilingual graffiti on the bathroom stall.
How the hell’d we end up in motherf***ing Montreal?
Oops, we got David on the GPS.
Yes, I’m still roasting. I’m kinda obsessed.

[Chorus: TaintedLogic]

[Outro: TaintedLogic]
Ugh...grapenuts! No grapes, no nuts. It doesn’t make any sense!

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Hey I love the style.

I can tell after this track your singing improved. You're squeezing in this and it csuses the flat notes. When you go higher don't use volume to reach it. Use your breath. You'll get vocal nodes for doing that too much. Also you were singing very choppy which is never good. I made that mistake as well. Also you should compress your vlcals better. I don't mean in mixing. I mean try to sing the same volume. It goes low and jumps. There wasn't really a lot of going on...and it was almost too empty. I can see what you were going for. Try adding more strings in the chorus. I think it'd be much better because it didn't do much with theine currently.

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks for the tips, Riy0! I do need to invest more time in my vocal skills, and also more time mixing vocals too. I appreciate your suggestions about the additional fill on the chorus. The piece was a bit rushed, admittedly. Thanks again for the review! ^^

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May 26, 2019
10:08 PM EDT
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