AIM - Cosmic Perception

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Two eyes cannot foresee any moments of the future. But through unity of mind and body, as well as self and The Self, achievement of cosmic perception awaits. Inspired by this piece of art as well as my amazing experience this summer. My best song so far.

Made in just 27 hours in span of 2 weeks. Here are some stats:

-Made using FL Studio 12
*Addictive Drums 2
*Sonatina Choir
*Edirol Orchestra

Art: Meditation by Nondual

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Ok I live the idea and the orchestra but not hat high quality as derpcat said and as everyone here said; the drop is completely empty except for basses and drum. I also did hear the clipping derpcat was talking bout as well (was hard to hear prob coz I was listening on mobile). I honestly like Shambla Of Resurgence better tbh but I live the idea and keep up the great work bro! Btw y change ur name? It's original. My lil bro uses AIM (Anime Ice Monkey Gaming) but still, whatever name you choose it's your decision not mine and I will still support you! :)

Its clipping, misses alot of stuff in the drops, misses pads arps instruments and rythm.
The orchestra isnt high quality, each instrument seems to take on each other.
You have the potential but before you make another track, try to experiment a bit more and try to learn how to make a full orchestra ;)

Dont take it as a bad thing, take it as a lesson. that will help you to progress a lot.
check this channel out look for some tutorials itll help your mix alot im sure.
another thing: Always take a song youre inspired by and use it as a reference for mixing and elements in your music.

I think your orchestral sections are really really great. I really enjoyed the ambient quality of them! The only thing worth mentioning is your drop. I feel like there's not nearly enough bass, or mids. I could tell you were going for an Xtrullor inspired sound, but there's nothing really going on in the background, you have your synths and that's it. A lot of Xtrullor's drops have those synths with tastefully placed bass and sub, as well as blending the synths with the strings and choirs. I think something that would help you out a lot is just listening to Xtrullor's drops and analysing what he does in the background, not just the synths.

I really feel like you've got a ton of potential man, keep it up!

Uxvellda responds:

Thanks man! I actually updated it and added some orchestrations.

Like Crad3 said, the drop is pretty empty, the rest is really cool :D
Gimme more of that c:

Reminds me of Xtrullor's current style. The drop from 1:48-2:12 is honestly pretty boring. There's not much going on, and it sounds like the sounds are being played one at a time. I think if you just added some bass lines and other supporting sounds, your piece would sound a lot more full.

Also, if you don't know who Xtrullor is (i feel like you do), I highly suggest you check out his tracks. Your styles sound very similar. In a good way!

Uxvellda responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Xtrullor is actually a friend of mine, and I think I should replace this version into a better one. I am actually trying to merge Xtrullor and Clockvice style to create my own trademark, but I think it is not too successful. By the way, thanks a lot!

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May 22, 2019
1:06 AM EDT
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