Eye Love Hymn

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Happy Pico Day newgrounds :)

Built with Reason 10

145 & 183 BPM. 6/8th note bars & 4/4 at the intro. A few spots have automated tempo changes because fuck disk jockeys. Beat match somewhere else.

Intro key/root note is A flat, then A when the drop hits.

I'll admit, There is a sample from another artist and her name rhymes with D'Fork. Or even just Bork. Her name also rhymes with New York. Figure it out.

If this is the last song I write this year, I will be content with it. I'm up at 4 AM on a Friday night. I used to spend so many sleepless nights writing music. Can't do that anymore. Belong to my job at the moment. I always get a little sad when I'm not writing music which is basically always now a days but hey, I get serotonin elsewhere :/



Credit to SymbolCymbal for saying "BANGAGRANG" when he was 12 years old.

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145 and 183 BPM? Stay you, Quarl.

This had better not be the last thing you upload this year! The audience demands 76BPM moody synths on triple speed breaks. Bonus points if there's a cat with shades on providing riddim on them tambourines.

On a more serious note, belonging to a job ain't the hell hippies make it out to be. Speaking from experience; that shit beats being broke and depressed any day of the week.

Edit: cat with shades on, with the shades being broken down the middle. (As if that needed mentioning ...)

Quarl responds:

I just printed 100 hard copy CDs for a new album and plan on uploading a digital version to soundcloud as soon as it comes in.

The process of remastering old rsn. files meant I didn't have a lot of spare energy for new tracks but now that it's behind me NEW TUNES SOOOOOOOON OLOLOLOLOLOL.

Keep it fresh la-yinn <3

What a trip! Those beats that suck you in, sensual samples and fast-paced close to psychotic flow. It's a got a build, pauses at suitable places... and sure took a turn from that almost macabre Halloween-like vibe at the start of it. Neurofunk hmm, so that's the style. Serotonin kicks. Can dig. Feels pretty polished in how it all goes together too, never really loses that red thread, even when one part fades into another. I wonder if this really has anything to do with Pico and Co (? That sample?) but Belated Happy Pico Day Quarl! Good stuff.


Quarl responds:

Nothing to do with Pico day other than the fact that I finished it on Pico Day. I was going to put some more work into this until I looked at newgrounds and realized everyone was talking about Pico Day.

Since this is only the second new track finished this year I'll gladly take the little plug Tom Fulp handed me. This is one of my better drum and bass tracks. Tom Fulp is pure generosity <3

I don't have the time to rival SymbolCymbal in his ... uh ... biography of a comment .... -_-
But I do have time to say 5 STSTTAARRRSSS!!!
I have said in the past that this isn't my go to music style, and et is true, and it always will be, however, I don't take stars away for personal preference, 5/5 - 10/10 for what it is and that's only cuz' I can't go higher ;P
amazing job, as usual, Q!

Quarl responds:

I always respect hard work. My preferences take a back seat when looking at art and music because I know how hard we all struggle as creative minds. I also respect others that carry similar up vote vibes. Thank you MurMe <3

i miss being 12 years old, sitting in my soon to be foreclosed house at 3am drunk on budget rum screaming into a microphone not caring that i had work in a few hours because when your 12 you have all the energy in the world and you don't care if you get fired. Life's only meaning at that age is to have those magical moments. At 12 years old life is just serotonin dump to serotonin dump. Now i rarely get those feeling of happiness. My life is much more stable now but some would say now my life has more meaning. i literally save lives for a living now but im more numb than ever. i sleep during the day and work at night seeing people only at their worst. On my nights off i sit lazily and watch television sometimes taking naps out of pure boredom. The moments that get my heart pumping are only those of extreme fear and bubbling over the top frustration boiling into rage. i haven't written any music in years. my computer update destroyed my software and i cant afford new software since all my money goes into basically getting to work, eating at work and getting home from work. It all feels thankless and not worth it. Just last week i had a man spit at me because i made his tourniquet too tight preventing him from bleeding to death because he got stabbed in the arm and was spraying hot bright red blood everywhere. A part of me wanted to stomp on his skull until the crunching stopped. But instead i wiped the spit off my face and kept administering care and taking vitals. Then i sat at home in the dark watching infomercials because i was too lazy to see if there was anything on netflix. my life is consumed by extreme moments of inner panic and rage only to be equalized by long stretches of complete apathy.

What im try to say is don't stop making music. You are too damn good at it to stop. It would be a waste.


Quarl responds:

You are one hard mofo David. Emergency responders are over worked, under paid, mandatory, and should get their own holiday. Naturally you'd have to work on your own holiday but think of all the happy/angry lives you'll be saving <3

I also miss being 12 years old. Sitting around my college dorm room, drinking cheap tequila, and dreading a future with no real direction because I graduated from art school. Talking about getting married and having kids with someone I could never support unless we decided to eat my art supplies and live in a van under a bridge. Ah yes, being 12 :')

Fuck that guy that spit at you. I bet he was a weeb born from incest. He probably spent his 12th year drinking anti-freeze. As always, thanks for drunkenly engaging in that sample pack. Never thought I'd use the "BANGARANG" but here I am in my 30th year still drinking tequila and opening that sample folder.

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May 11, 2019
4:35 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
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