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140bpm-Playing around with some ol VG MIDI, thought I'd throw another OrionDub up here!

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I don't know FF much, but this sounds pretty good.

The synths are damn cheesy, but they sound good- that being, not VERY good. I loved the pads you used, but some of the other things you used really doesn't sound that good.

The little running lead goes on very nice, but variation would be good though rite

I like the lil break, the bassdrum sounds weaker than ever though

If you continued on the part after that break with the same style you could make a nice circus/comic feel, the melody was simply funny

Ok good work, ut I could like to see much more intergration, cause it sounds a bit like a clashy after a while.

beatmasterJAG responds:

All points noted.
Like I said its Orion-doesnt get much cheesier.
Thanks for the reivew.

Hey bud :D

It's nice to know you're still alive and breathing ;) I personally hate remixes of video games, so this review might sound a little biased.

I'm a huge FF fan, so of course it sounds a little familiar. But "a little familiar" is all I'm gonna get though... none of the rest of the song seems at all familiar to me. So, now that I haven't heard the original (or can remember it) I can't judge what YOU did... So I'll just pretend this is an original mix :P

I enjoyed the breakdown near the middle of the track, with the cute little 909 drum break down XD Seriously, they sounded so small :D

I understand that it's because of what the song used to be, but the song just sounds awkward, you know what I mean? Doesn't really sound correct, especially that little solo section in the breakdown, but I guess there's nothing you can do about that in a song that's screwed up like this.

You've also got some very very... cheesy, shall we say, sounds in here. Maybe if you got some sounds that were a lot more solid and less all cheese, I might have been able to take this song a little more seriously, you know?

Keep it easy bro;


beatmasterJAG responds:

Wow, I am glad you came back to see if I was alive :]

Yeah, things dont sound right in the song.:\ I have listened ot it a million times over-and sometimes it is slightly appeasing. While other times I am like "geez gimme a break, seriously?!"

The breakdown, really should be put into a totally seperate song. It sounded kinda cool going into it-but definately sucked trying to find a decent transition out so I could atleast finish the song. (the transition was another M1D1 segment that hadnt been used from the original up to that point in the song)

Cheese-yeah, kinda went for it being that it was a video game remix. And I used Orion which is prolly agreeably worse of a prog than FL-both of which can be very cheezie.

Thanks for the review, I think you found nearly ever minus I have in the track-but, eh, its my first true video game remix.


voted 4

This is a pretty good rave song you've got on your hands!
I'm not a big FF1 fan, and I don't know if there's a cave or what ever in the game. To me, this really didn't feel like a 'cave rave'. It felt more like just a regular rave! xD
Nice job keeping up with the theme of rave.
I like the transitions from the melody and what not to the beat and build up! Nice touch.
I really enjoyed this song. Keep up the great work.

beatmasterJAG responds:

Thanks for the vote!

The title was random, last minute right before rendering lol

The M1D1 track from FF1 is called cave1 so thats why the title popped in my head...figured it was better then JAG~FF1Cave1Song :p

Nice feel!

This song has some really neat sounds in it, I especially liked that watery-sounding bass. This song would be perfect for a Megaman-like sidescrolling game!

Probably the only thing that irritated me was the bass drum...it seems awfully loud. No, I don't have the bass turned up on my stereo. :-|

Overall, great work! That degree in Recording and Engineering's coming in handy, eh? I'm getting a degree in Electroacoustics, you should check it out. :-)

beatmasterJAG responds:

Haha, originally I didnt think there was enough bass for a "dance" track. I'll drop the lvl-thanks.

Electroacoustics sound really intriuging; I studied acoustics, and psychoacoustics which is really fascinating stuff.

Thanks for the heads up! And the review back!

Great Job on This!!!

The loud bass is what did it for me with this song, I also like how you incorporated different speeds within this piece of music, really changed up the way people perceive this piece. Also I happened to like how you dragged out the ending so it lingers in your head and doesn't stop automatically. Keep up the good work my friend!!!

) Responses Are Greatly Appreciated: )


beatmasterJAG responds:

Thanks for the review bro!

I like to push that bass, hopefully i didnt over do it?! I use similar kicks ini most of the ORION stuff--check em out.


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