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There are no words, there isn't enough music, to really express what I'm trying to here.


Holy hell...

It does seem a bit constrained and confused at first.

"...there isn't enough music..."

This is a cause for concern. No, actually, not really. It brings up a very valid and good point. There is not enough room for just music. There must also be words and images, words and images that are combined in such an artistic and wonderful way that force the point through weaving and details that would make no sense if we didn't understand metaphors, similes, and analogies.

This is why I love Video Productions and 3-D animation. It is one of the many things that can be used to convey things. I love using images, and mixing it with sounds, and then mixing that with metaphors and ALL that stuff!!!

This is nonetheless amazing in and of itself, and I can feel the power and amazingness that you want to convey, but I'm just overly sensitive I suppose. The power and grandness of a series of emotions and one whole concept. It's just wonderful - I love it all. I would like to see sometime how you imagine twilight to sound in the most detailed way possible. Then again, I would have to tell you EXACTLY what I mean when I say twilight, HolyDemon. Hmm...

A demon that is aware of itself and it's previous wrongs that knows there's more and wants to try and do good and to try their hardest to do what's right. A living contradiction in and of itself. Born a contradiction, living a contradiction, everything a contradiction. Except this twilight does not cancel out, there is something amidst it that traps it all inside, that traps it before it can cancel out, I believe that is essence or the idea of contradiction and 4-D and so many other things. This twilight is like many spirals unto itself. Ones that are constantly changing and swirling and trying to stay in the middle, something powerful, that wants light, but will not go fully light for whatever reason, and definitely won't go back to fully dark.

I hope you get the concept; although there is so much more to this, including experiences.

Mere words can not only describe the concept of this twilight that I want you to understand, but I'm hoping that with the use of music, perhaps you could. I'd like to see what you interpretation of it is based on your knowledge and innate understanding, it seems, of music. You don't have to do this, obviously, it's just something I'd like to see if you're ever willing. You are a very good composer, and I so hope and pray that you get what you want, as much as I hope I get what I want. And that is a job in the field[s] we study.

It's hard and seemingly would be difficult to try and explain and remember all the experiences I've had that further emphasize the title of Holydemon. Oxymorons in and of itself to portray a point. Ultimate twilight.


Fantastic Stuff.

This is...soothing...at first^^

A very soothing piece in the beginning and most of the way through. You begin to really hit the keys later on (in a good way^^) which I think added some feeling to the piece. Then you sped it up some, then slowed it right back down (rollarcoaster o_O). All that added up to be a really good song...keep it up and hopefully you will make this into something with your norm. (strings and such...I think it would be really nice that way)...

Good job!

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Jun 27, 2007
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