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Amoral, apathetic, & annoying. Here's a look into my wierd crazy mind. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED



Heh well this was pretty interesting, seems like a lot of cussing this , but i guess thats what made this cute, and the backround music helps to give it a mixture, kinda remind, me of some alien mad and upset hehe, so the music itself kinda loses focus cause of the little guy, maybe there should be more focus on the music i thought, but regardless this did have a sorta cuteness too it, but again needs more aswell, anyways good effort on your part here.

So as just mentioned, maybe more focus on the music, the voices were cute but maybe it was too much and seemed repetitive, but other then that this was pretty good, kinda cute

well lets see

you know, i have to say, this song did get a bit annoying. but that's the only bad thing i have to say. so lets get on with the good.

pretty original. at least for newgrounds. i like the fact that you can't really understand what is being said, only small tidbits here and there. i also liked the spontanious burst in the music. i may not have been big on the song, but i don't judge it based on whether i like the song or not, rather than originality and talent. with that being said, i think you have some pretty good creativity and talent. lets hear more.

good job.

soulmasking responds:

I respect your objectivity and willingness to evaluate music based on other standards other than the normal (such as is it my style or not). On the bad note, I understand, I even think it's annoying (hence the warning). If you really want I can give you a message with the lyrics, but it's not like it would help you out much. I appreciate your compliments and look forward to future reviews. Thank you for your insightful and objective review, as well as your generous scores.


funny that

That sounded so funny really fast.Really great tune as well!

soulmasking responds:

Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was fairly slow originally but I too found this version to be a bit more funny. Thanks for your generous scores and compliments. Great Review!

\m/ (-_-)

Yes... YES!!! haha

Fantastic. Crazy. Very very entertaining!
Good work!!

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soulmasking responds:

Why thank you! Let's see here... get out the checklist... Fantastic? Crazy? Very Entertaining? WOW I even exceeded my expectations! I got a whole extra VERY in there! Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed my most demeneted and uncensored songs! I didn't really hold back much from my thoughts in this one, and I kinda just went off on certain parts! Thank you very much for your generous scores, great review, and support!

\m/ (-_-)


^_^ This is awesome. Very random,with a little mix of ridicule towards a few miscellaneous dillholes.

soulmasking responds:

As the person that manages to be the first to review my music, you get the pleasure of me tacking on a bit of information within my response.

This song originally was some wierd creepy lover/sex/stalker/murderous song, and was about how a lot women are sluts, and other retarded topics. I didn't care for the topic much so I changed it to this. A song that puts SOME of my feelings towards people, out there for everyone to see, while also informing everyone of my opinion of what music is (art). It's a form of expression, which some have natural talent, while others like myself, work their butts off just to make a song that hopefully people will enjoy. I'm not saying that I live and breathe for the approval of the "masses" (fuck that), I am just saying that I create my music for people in general to "enjoy". If others don't find it to be their "cup of tea" that's fine, and I will respect their opinion. I however, don't respect the ones that leave responses full of cursing and what not. It's immature, and shows that their IQ is more than likely below shit. This song is very much about how poorly structured, and managed the audio portal is. Sure I don't care if flash artists use my songs or if people that like it download it for free. It's bull though that apparently people like the music enough to download it, but not to take time to rate or review it. This song is not directed at them necessarily, it's more an outlook on society as a whole. People are only looking for easy fixes, so they don't have to think, or work to get what they want. It's fairly pathetic, but to each their own. What's worse though is that through pop culture sites such as Myspace, the masses have been slowly duped into categories, and stereotypes. Myspace, Livejournal, Facebook, Youtube, NG they all blow in their own way, and this song is about how the masses have been tricked into believing there is a "RIGHT AND WRONG" style of music. There is no such thing! MUSIC IS ART! STOP FUCKING CLASSIFYING IT! JUST BECAUSE IT DOESN'T FALL UNDER YOUR COOKIE CUTTER MAINSTREAM MTV POP ROCK BULLSHIT DOESN'T MEAN IT'S NOT GOOD MUSIC! It just just means, that its not your "cup of tea". If you like the mainstream music that's fine, but that doesn't make that music, or any other style of music better, or worse! People need to become more open minded, and think outside their little safe boxes and try something new every once in a while.

Thank you for your kind ratings and review. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and have found this song to be "your cup of tea".


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Jun 26, 2007
9:40 PM EDT
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