AIM - Trouble

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Inspired by Porcelainskin's "Sad" portrait



Why are you here?
Acting uncertain
With a display of fear
Trouble to follow wherever you go
Could ya shake off your blues?
And paint a new picture
Of more bad news
As time all around you disappears

Just stay as you are
A beautiful still life
And don’t stray too far
From what made you feel good from the start
We couldn’t believe
You’d pick it all up then
You’d turn to leave
Cause inconsistencies broke your heart

Just stay as you are
A beautiful still life
Hanging all alone
There's trouble to follow you wherever you go, ya know
There's trouble to follow you wherever you go, ya know
There's trouble to follow you wherever you go, ya know
There's trouble to follow you wherever you go

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---Official AIM review---

Really digging the feel of this one
Not often I hear this kind of mellow rock ballads on here. The lyrics are absolutely beautiful, and was really the highlight of this track for me. The composition and arrangement were also very good. Both the instrumental and the lyrics reflects the artwork very well.

However, though I love the idea behind this, it suffers a lot from technical issues that bring the score down quite a lot.

First thing I noticed is that the low end is very muddy and drowns out everything else. The main culprit is most likely the effects on the Bass guitar. I get what you were going for with that airy and wide bass sound, but you gotta be very careful when messing with effects at such a low frequency . It can easily end up sounding muddy and drown out the other elements. In addition to this the guitar is already playing really low notes and keeps competing with the low end.

The vocals sound good, but they are very off tune at times. Some pitch correction would have really helped, especially since it's difficult to stay in tune while sick.
There are also some timing issues with the guitar playing at times, especially during the climax. I do think a bit of chaos does make a piece sound more organic, but there still needs to be some consistency, or else it only ends up like sounding like random strums.

Really love your style, and if it was more polished this would have gotten a higher score.

GobBageEata responds:

Thanks a lot, I wish I could've spent a lot more time on it but there was just too much going on in my life and I just rushed both of my songs and i'm still sick as hell. Again, thanks a lot for the review and being honest!

The guitar playing was on point! Although I'm not so much a fan of how the vocals came out to be honest... Like TaintedLogic said I think the mix could have been clearer. I also think I heard some minor clips/pops/distortion around the 2min+ mark.

Overall though a solid entry!

GobBageEata responds:

Thanks man, I agree I wanted to spend more time on it but I just didn't have it. Thanks again tho!

I like the mellow guitar riff at the beginning and the conversational quality of the lyrics. The mix could've been a bit clearer. Sometimes the lyrics get a bit buried by the instrumental, and the vocals' rhythm doesn't sync up that well to the beat, which is especially noticeable at around 2:15. You definitely sold the emotional quality of the piece well, though. The piece feels raw and organic overall, if a tad unpolished. Keep at it, GobBageEata!

GobBageEata responds:

Thanks! I was a bit rushed cause I'm moving all of my stuff into a new house and I just wanted to give it a try before I was musically decommissioned for awhile. Thanks again tho!

Gob, I think your vocals along with the music you created show the raw emotion of your lyrics, they match up perfect with the artists drawing.

GobBageEata responds:

I wish my vocals were a bit better tho, but I really don't have time to tweak them to where I wanted it to be

Hey, I thought this was solid effort overall. I think maybe the vocals could be a bit more in harmony with the instrumentation in the middle part of the song, but I definitely give a lot of credit to the lyrics being inspired by the artwork - I mean, I feel the interpretation of the piece, as it seems aptly titled, "sad" - the sense of this emotion does seem to come through. Furthermore, there is some dynamic and building in the song, and the ending is nicely placed out of the progression of the song. In my opinion, it's not that easy to write a song like this (rock/lyrics), and what's executed overall feels to me like a decent work. Cheers.

GobBageEata responds:

Thanks man, yeah I'm a bit sick as of late hahaha and i used an old beat up 57 to mic the drums then the snare was too loud so i threw an old shirt over it and tried to make it work haha but thanks again!

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3.16 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2019
4:25 PM EDT
General Rock
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