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Treasure These Moments

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Some glitch, a bit of manc, plenty of guitars and synths make for an intriguing tune.

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Guess you took me to another place in time :]

Very chill yet gripping. Haha-I always contradict myself...

I like the vocal element, and the guitars through more emotion on top. The drums could been mixed up better. I miss the kick. IN some ways you could almost bring more dramatics to this peice if you have that kick thumping-almost as though it would be dictating the rythem of your own heart beat as you get lost in this one. A mistake I usually make would be to push the bassline up more-for some reason I would just like a little more rumble outta my woofer. I really enjoy the sweeps/swells.

Good track none the less. Do you play the guitar? Wish I could add that rawness to my music.

Keep it wildstyle!

pitbulljones responds:

cheers for the review. Tis a chillign track, i agree. gripping too hehe, i make contradicting music.

Thats not a bad idea that using the kick as a dictator, hmmmm not bad at all. yea wrong sample choice does need more oooomph that kick. It's not really a bass on this tis a rhodes piano setting, i didn't really want a hard bass, but i understand most people would expect it. Yep i do play guitar, i'm more of a rhytmn than a lead guitarist which is why you don't hear major fret wankings compare to the metal heads. but less is more sometimes.

Thanks for the review.


Damn sexy

hello pitbulljones!

I can't believe I didn't see this on the top 5 list until today. Good thing too cuz it's like 3 hours away from a reset!

In any case, I really really liked the "aaaah" voice you got on here. The almost unhealthy level of reverb you stuck onto it gave it an incredibly airy feel, and I felt this complimented the feel perfectly.

Those reversed guitar? sounds were another really neat element of this song I liked.

This is perhaps one of the best ambient songs i've EVER heard. Or at the least it has the ambient feel to it.

Maybe it's because i'm a classical composer, but honestly I don't think the song needs lyrics.

The song doesn't move around much, but I figure this is because you intended to at some point put vocals on it. Not wise to have a song moving around all crazy like if you plan on throwing vocals on it.

All in all, a brilliant track. I'm glad I dropped by to hear it. Keep up the good fight and keep em coming!

pitbulljones responds:

hell maestro' how you be. haha good spot there my son good spot. the aaaaaahhhh is myself, like you've noticed with a truly unhealthy amount of verb on it, makes it swell really nicely i thinks though. as previosuly mentioned i really was aiming to get vocals on this track too. Yep reversed guitars, and a couple of others floating about the mix too.

See i don't know whether this is ambient or not, tis indieish to me, but then again there are ambient elements, suppose it's just me, my PBJ style trademarked and copyrighted haha. Im amazed u think that highly of it as you are just awsome with the classical stuff. means a lot and yea not alot of movement due to the intention of vocals.

thank you very much for the kind words.

pm me with anything you want reviewing.



Nice wobbeling beginning of the bass with the constant rotary. What bugs me like hell is the guitar on the right. The notes you played sounded blank and just not well fitting for this kind of tune...annoying even. Maybe a warmer sound from the guitar itself or a little sfx could correct that issue.

The drums were a little weak in the mix. Basicly the kick but they are programmed very well.

Overall, nice tune there man! Congrats on weekly #2. (You basturd) ;D

Thanks for your vote, DarKsidE555! You voted 5 for Treasure These Moments, raising its score from 4.13 to 4.22.

pitbulljones responds:

yea that bass is a rhodes setting from rhino, the sines and triangles just werent fitting right. Meh i get what you mean about that riff, maybe you'd have preferred a bit more bite to it and some more technique? Each to their own innit. Yea drums aint perfect, think thats a choice of sounds, certainly requires a deeper kick bass i wholeheartedly agree. and they were arranged in FL and applied with the glitch plugin which i then arranged. much fun !

haha yea that #2 was my 2nd in two weeks.

thanks for the review. pm me with anything you'd like my opinions on.

voted 4

Haha, I was singing while I was listening to this. xD

This song reminds me a lot of 28 Days Later for some reason. I think the melody sounds kinda like it.
This is a really good song. Nice job with this!

PS Check out some of my stuff!

pitbulljones responds:

cheers for the review. A friend of mine keeps saying the same thing, it sounds like 28 days later. I cross referenced and it sounds nothing like it. But maybe it's cos the guitar decends as does 28days. I must have been influenced somewhere down the line but i aint seen that film in about a year or so. oh well. thanks for the review, i'll bob over when i get some free time. but i will bob over/



I loved how the guitars sounded in this audio. That gave this audio a sense of relaxsation the way it was played. The background beats were quite good. The synths were nicely done and the additions of glitches was a nice touch. The randomness and the weirdness of this audio made this audio what it is, awesome! Overall, this audio was awesome and I enjoyed hearing this! Awesome Work pitbulljones! :D

-Thanks for your vote, Seamonky! You voted 5 for Treasure These Moments, raising its score from 4.75 to 4.80. :D


pitbulljones responds:

So i can gather that you thought this track was awesome then haha. many thanks for listening and taking the time to review. a lot of people are taking take relaxing vibe from this and i agree with em. You make what you make though don't you?


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Jun 23, 2007
6:48 PM EDT
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