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Dewy Embers

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Personal little ambient piece. I improved the piano by accident, so I'm glad I recorded!

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Wow all of your music is my escape to paradise. I just saw your CD on itunes, Congratulations!

Gillenium responds:

Thanks :D My CD has been out for a couple years, actually. It was an experiment that never really payed off, but I'm still proud of it. It's not a big accomplishment to get your music on itunes, believe me. Besides, I'd prefer if people bought the physical CD, since the artwork is pretty much the sole reason I made the CD in the first place!

Do I smell a remix?

The last little while has been outstanding for the ambient chart at NG, and this is no exception. The songs I want to remix just keep piling up. Great job!


5 & 10

Gillenium responds:

You want to remix this? Into what, a dance tune? That would be wicked. Thanks for the review!

Cool what program did you use?

What kind of music making program do you have? All of this stuff sounds so nice. The stuff I find is nothing more than a brainwave generator XD.

Gillenium responds:

Well, for about 6 years straight, I used FL Studio, but now I've switched to Ableton Live recently. If you have the processing power, I would definitely recommend Ableton, although FL Studio is probably the best bet for starting out. Thanks for the review!

heh, how do i follow a review like that?

ok, here it goes... trying to follow up a review from that guy below me lol. one thing i noticed was that after the second reinstatement of the melody (after that vox thing) that pedal note (the constant held note) started acting like the dominant (5th) of the scale. and ill take this moment to point out im using musical jargon not to make myself seem smarter, i want to go into music composition so im trying to use music terms to explain music because i have to get used to it.

but anywho... what that means is that the 5th of the scale wants to resolve to tonic (one). which means ur second half doesnt resolve for awhile. which is in no way neccasarily a bad thing, i like it. it gives a feeling of uneasyness. which i personally like. good job :)

oh and to people who try saying that it wasnt actually the 5th, i was saying that by how it sounded it created the effect of the 5th. which in music is what it comes down to, how something ultimatly sounds, not how it looks on paper.

Gillenium responds:

... Man, I have NO idea what you just said. Although, I just got off work and feel a little woozy.. I've actually had a friend try to explain all these different scales and styles of music-making to me before, and I never picked it up. He asked me how I knew how to lay out notes, and I said I didn't know, haha. Practice, I guess. I'm not sure if this is a known fact about me, but I NEVER have ideas for songs. Not once in my entire life. When I feel like making music, I go into my program and start fiddling with stuff. Eventually, something interesting pops out to me, and I mold it, and build onto it, and a song is born. I am terrible at thinking up melodies, but harmonizing and building onto what's already there has become second nature to me. Thanks for the review!

Glad to see you back with a new mix Gillenium

I love how you take simplistic and basic melodies and lay them over a beat, or a nice pad with some swirhling FX, and make everything sound so sweet. you are like the clapton of ambient/eletronica music. and it sounds real fresh and original too man. I can't even criticize you on anything here man. :)

the main synth in the beginning is real nice. it was just a two note melody, but you got an amazing tone on that bit. how do you do it? the intro didnt catch my attention much, but once the track and miscellaneous instruments worked it self in, it put me in a trance. the drums are pretty damn slick, like a young lost boy is running in the rain, under murky skies, in his teared up raincourt. the melody around 0:30 is downright touching...sounds so peaceful and has a major minor feel. the low frequency is tear inspiring. I guess removing the drums in certain parts give some recovery, chill time, i would have liked to see how the track progressed with without the short delays. i really dig the background ambient effects, they help make the track as good as it is. the fade in stuff in the second half of the track is killer too, it sounds like you took a lot of effort into tweaking out the right sounds. around 2:20, such a wonderful, beautiful pad. i also love the new FX you put on the drums after that bit. nice ending man, sweet, sweeet, sweeet man. amazing track.

Gillenium responds:

Very very nice review! Thanks for taking the time to write it. "Electronic Clapton" is one description I've never heard before :) But yes, I'm finally getting into the groove of my new software and hardware. Having a midi-controller is really great. I can just turn on the "record" feature and mess around. The melody of this song came from just messing around. I like that freedom.

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Jun 22, 2007
6:13 PM EDT
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