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Author Comments

A track from my album V OST, the music to a game that was never finished.
01a is still one of my personal favorite songs I've done, so I figured I would share it with you all!
You can download the album for free @ https://cthrn.bandcamp.com , and you can even donate to me if ur tryina hear more of them beets

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Cool glitches in the beginning, beautiful smooth lush pad, nice perc.

Don't like the synth at 0:28 - without the context of the game/rest of its OST, it strikes me as cheesy and out of place, but more than that, it's got some uncomfortably strong resonances around 670 Hz and it feels like it's buried/fighting with the mix. It's got a cool melody though. Seems like a clearer, thinner synth with its weight in the highs would suit it… in fact, why don't I just… *time passes…* oh oops I kinda got lost in sound land and overdesigned it and now it might not really be clear and thin and it's got some other sharpnesses that I don't like and I'm not sure that I'm happy with its weight placements in general or if it fits with the other instruments and it doesn't help that I'm working with a render and my ears hurt but I did a thing at all so here's that: https://instaud.io/3reL

0:46 transition seems a hair too sudden, due to cut tails or something. Feels like it could use a little: [instaud.io randomly dies for a few hours in-between these two uploads] … https://instaud.io/3rfA



DM? Eh, someone else might benefit.

Alt synth: Glad you liked it! It still sits oddly with me because I knew what I wanted it to be and failed to nail it, then realized that that wouldn't sit right anyway and failed in a different direction. The space it occupies is also different from yours, and I looped this enough while reviewing and editing that my brain recognizes yours as canon and rejects mine further.

… which means the resonance stopped hurting as much, the synth doesn't seem as unfitting/at odds with the mix, and it slid a little closer to "classic and groovy" from "cheesy". How's that for reliable criticism? 8) But to highlight what bothered me initially, here's 670 Hz spiked, then normal, then cut sharply: https://instaud.io/3rpf

The resonance shifts with the melody cuz harmonics 'n' stuff, and it would be a desirable element if controlled, so maybe separating and compressing a broader range around there would be a good idea.

Just making what you like: 👍 ← several of these. I don't care what the experienced people say, stumbling around in the dark and trying to tune in to your own frequency must leave you with some interesting signatures that others would guide you around. (So uh, want grains of salt to take with everything forever? I've got some.)

Crossfadey VGM: A thing which is cool and sense-makey.

Passive aggressive: ⁿᐧ

cthrn responds:

holy crap lmao
i dont even know what to say
i do agree with you though! that alt synth you made rocks hard
also just for context as to why the change is so sudden: in the game, this song is cut up into 3 parts, the part at the beginning thats like windy and glitchy, the part in the middle, and the "i gotta get up" part. they would loop in specific areas and fade into each other when you continue in the stage, i just put them all together in order for the sake of an album release.
i also literally know nothing about the science and shit behind music, i just make what i like to hear, so idk what the 670 Hz thing is about lmao
im super happy you enjoyed the song though! maybe some day, down the line, ill remake the song or something and keep all of your criticism in mind to make the song better!
also idk if that last sentence like, sounded passive aggressive or not, i feel like it can over text, but i actually genuinely mean it, im very happy you took the time to give constructive criticism!
edit: also, i cant remember if newgrounds lets you reply to replies, but if they dont, just dm me if you wanna reply with anything

---reply to your reply of my reply---
ahhh i get whatcha mean with the Hz thing now. idk, i kinda personally like it, ive always kinda dug crappy noise like that in music, but i can completely get where you're comin from
ill try messing with that later on

So aesthetic! Love the vibes

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3.43 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2019
1:16 PM EDT
Video Game
File Info
2.6 MB
1 min 30 sec

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