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Monolith (Speedcore)


Author Comments

Drone-inspired Speedcore/Extratone :)
Will be on my upcoming Speedcore album, the first one since 2016 !

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Drone-inspired speedcore is something I've been wanting to hear lately, so it's cool to stumble into some while gawking at someone's prolific output! The genres sound like near-opposites at first, but there's clear points of overlap - it's apparent here that a low, distorted bass rumble in itself isn't too far off from a long extratone kick drill.

This kick might be a serious point of contention for me though. It's got a solid body and a transient that remains sharp up to extratone speeds, and considering the drone influence and track title, it feels a bit questionable to criticize it for being… monolithic. It can pass for stylistic, how something simple becomes powerful as the tempo increases - but that's inherent to extratone. For what's typically regarded as the centerpiece of genres under the speedcore umbrella, where you'll be hearing a LOT of the one thing, it seems underdeveloped at its core. static. dry. clean.

So far, I've made one deliberate attempt ("Revitalize the Battered" under my audio) at simultaneously taking influence from drone (moreso electronic ambient than SUNN O)))'s doom) and speedcore, and I made a few other things in the past that veered in that direction. In ReThBa, I used a complex (… rather needlessly convoluted honestly) yet soft synth kick, separated into independent frequency bands, with their own automated effects and ranges of potential variability... I even squeezed many other percussive sounds out of the automation. All of that kept it interesting for me to listen to, even at the beginning and end where, as a whole, it's about the only active element.

I did not, however, decisively achieve my original vision for drone speedcore - I envisioned more gradual and controlled drifting of attributes on a kick with less low end and more distorted buzzing high-end punch, and thought a good way to mix the genres would be to shift between gentle textures so frequently, regularly, and chaotically that it would all register as one droning mess of sound. Pressed for time by February Album Writing Month, up against SunVox's technical limit on modules, and conscious of storage space, ReThBa only comes close to touching that in the last minute, nowhere near as chaotically/sound collagey as I wanted. Reason to revisit the concept someday!

Back to Monolith, my ears like things that are wide, scratchy, and screamy above the mids, so it has all that going for it. 8) The "screaming" distorted cymbal and bass in the beginning feel nice. Rhythmically, hard to go wrong with expeetore. The way the different elements sit together in the mix is fine, as is the tension arc in which they prop the energy to a satisfying peak. From my comments on the kick and ReThBa though, it should be apparent that I have a general preference for highly-ornamented and semi-unpredictable music. Some people don't, but I usually sense *room* for a bit more flavor in everything. Could sprinkle in more one-off sonic events for dramatic flair, play around more with how everything's distribution in time affects tension, complicate some timbres… you may even be able to squeeze some things like pad layers in some spots.

All that fuss is why I've allowed hundreds of things I've started to sit around and rot though, which doesn't seem to be your speed. Good job on having things to show for your efforts, a diverse breadth of work including obscure genre fusions like this one! Keep that up!

One other thing - "atmospheric speedcore" is at least a notable-enough specific subgenre for it to be named in a YouTube video some guy made a decade ago, and I'd say this matches. Probably a good term for the tags!

etK responds:

Wow, thanks a lot for the constructive criticism! Yeah this was something that was on my mind for a while. The remastered and final version of this track will be released alongside the album, hopefully soon enough!
Well if you make Drone Speedcore or Speedcore in general, I have this channel called Speedcore Network, and you can send me a message at speedcorenetwork@gmail.com and maybe your track will be featured, it would be a pleasure!
And out of curiosity, what is the video talking about Atmospheric Speedcore you're referring too? (you can tell me by editing here or by sending me a message anywhere if you like)
Thanks again! Might try this again in the future.

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3.90 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2019
1:31 PM EDT
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5 min 57 sec

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