ParagonX9 - Chaoz Fantasy

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its a good tune.

A bit overated, but still its a good tune. Nice use of the old instruments. Keeps memories of the past in contact. Overall good tune.

Keep it /\ man.


omg liek paragonx4 i luv u ur the bestest artist eber.

In all seriousness, glad to see you finally got something new out there. I've been quite a fan of this style of music. Love the Trance + DNB combination. It's great to see that you did something like this. Makes me all happy inside. :)

Now for a suggestion: make the drums a little more powerful. The kick seemed too damp. Could have used a little boost of something. The snare was pretty cool, but could have been a little more powerful. Maybe some reverb or something. Give it a punch that last.

Other than that great job. 5/5 from me. :)



Hardly any knowledge to help ya out in this review, all I know is I fucking love your music and talent. Please continue submitting your work to Newgrounds! ^_^


Quite honestly, I expect a lot from you, but this song just didn't cut my expectations as much as your other stuff. The fact that it really isn't DnB is a slight factor. If anything, you just said that it was trancebreak, put it under trance, that's where it's going to get the attention of those who enjoy it. Then again, you're ParagonX9, not like it matters, right?

Musically, this is definitely got a good amount of elements. It was predictable, some parts really came out to the listen as amazing, lots of good transitions. Quite honestly, some of your building transitions could have been slightly reveerbed to attain maximum potential, which brings me to clarity. The beginning is a good choice of, well, a beginning. Lots of great build. That delayed synth could be better though. The EQ'ing on it is definitely too high. You need to cut a bit of the higher frequencies to make it soft and pretty, making that beginning transition all the more worth it. I think you might have been trying to distinguish that synth from the rest of the track, which is great and all, but it was a bit much.

-The beginning transition to the more hardcore breakbeat was really choppy. By listening carefully, I could easily tell that there was an unnecessary break in volume, which gives off an amateur impression of that beginning.

-Quite honestly, they are little things, but you've been in this longer than I have, you should be better, especially with diamond tracks all 'round. I feel a bit cheated on this one, like it could be better, but you didn't take the time to be picky yourself.

-Sorry if it comes off as annoying, crude, or anything of the sort. Take the advice, and get better, because I know you can ;)


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Really nice actually

Youre way too popular for your own good :P
This song has some great diversity but it get boring pretty quick to tell you the truth. Using the same riff basically through the whole song. The intro was really nice though.

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Jun 18, 2007
4:35 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
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