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afliXion =- Enduring Praise -=

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Author Comments

Psalm 117:2. Maybe my most emotional song yet.1 verse was cut due to NGs file size limits.


I love the emotion poured into this! Is the full version available somewhere for download?

Very well done.

I have no clue where I'm going, how I'm doing it. I'm tired and I'm stressed and still a little burned out, but I still got so much more left in me - believe it! It's unbelievable! :D

I have no clue what I'm doing, no matter how much I think about it and try to question things and try to understand what it is I'm supposed to do that God will like the most, while trying to stay twilight, that way I won't become extreme one way or another. Balance isn't easy, but I'm trying my hardest, and I got to keep trying. I have no clue what it is God wants me to do, but I'm trying to do everything in my power and based on my beliefs, while also believing that what God wants is, because he loves everyone, like I try to love everyone - whether for him or not, and how he wants people to be nice to one another and compassionate, and as I believe that should be done as well, I'm trying my hardest to spread that word and to help people understand what it is that needs to be done, as I deal with the stress of trying to endure it all and the stupid bullshit that keeps coming up, please pardon my language if you find it offensive.

Although I am in no means, at least I hope I am not the kind of person who just lets everything go by him, I need to have some ground too because we are all human and capable of corruption. We all need help at times. In every way possible. I keep thinking, constantly, about what the world, universe, and our "existence" is compared to the assured existence that is God almighty, creator of heaven and earth, Jesus Christ, son of God, our savior, and the Holy Spirit (holiest spirit of all? Heh). I think I understand, but it's like I also, by this point, need to keep some kind of darkened veil of ignorance over my eyes, similar to sunglasses, so that I do not go blind from the light, or what appears to be light, in my mind's eye.

Thus twilight for humans, because we can not take the full light; although we should do everything in our power to be as light as possible in all ways so long as it does not negatively affect others. We should always care about others and try to be selfless.

Easier said than done, right?

Well, we got to keep enduring, and sooner or later it'll get easier.

Where there is technology, information, knowledge, willpower, and imagination, there is sure as hell a way. Preferably with God and the rest of the Holy Trinity's help, obviously.

There is a way for everything. We've just got to have faith and keep on trying, and keep on pushing no matter what happens. It's difficult, I know, but we got to, y'know?

Anyways, as I said, I have no clue where I'm going but I do know I'm going somewhere, and I've just got to have faith, which I do, more or less, that this place I'm going to (God-willing not Hell nor Heaven yet - I'm not ready to die), will be good. And that I can help others in the ways I believe are beneficial to them and that appear to be beneficial to them, whether it be beneficial to everyone in the long-run or in the short-run.

I thank you very much for this song, especially for the fact that it was about God and whatnot of all things.

I was looking for something along these lines...

"Uncertain, enduring, floor it."

You know?

And you provided. I thank thee greatly, and I thank God almighty, creator of Heaven and Earth, as well as Jesus Christ, our savior, son of God - not to mention the Holy Spirit, holiest spirit of all.

I can only hope and pray that what I do is right, and that, by means of the Bible, I will continue to do such things. I know I should not pray in front of others, but I hope you understand what I mean, I suppose. Perhaps I did sin? Either way, I will have to ask for forgiveness. And I know he will forgive me because he is just and kind and good. And he understands. Thank God almighty, creator of Heaven and Earth, Jesus Christ our savior son of God, and the Holy Spirit (holiest spirit of all ;P).

And may the Holy Trinity bless you, and keep you in his grace, amen.

Praise be to the three in one.


This is very good. And Fuoco is right it does sound like a good pain. I like how it starts slow and starts getting fast and in the end...it slows down again... Very good indeed! ^^


Wonderfully done :D

What an impressive piece! Is not much of an intro, but that's ok when 0:13 comes in. Something that's been always so impressive for me is how a musician is capable to create a melody and stick to that melody, and with that, composing every possible variation off that melody. Like extracting its juice :p. Something I'm not capable of :(, but someday I will I hope.
0:56 :D, I have always liked how a high note break the melody. Only to introduce the chorus (Wow, I think I've just learned something).
2:10 Only listening to the left hand at that part I'd knew it was you. Its almost the same notes of that beautiful song called "Liscio - Piano".
Beautiful ending, I always prefer calm endings after an agitated melody. Oh! But the noises when you stand is precisely what makes this song so cool(LOL joking :p)

Now, I disagree with the last review. I dont think it has the feeling like something bad just happened. It does have a "doloroso" feeling tough, but its more like a good pain. Like the pain a mother feels as she sees his child leaving because he is already a man. But is also a good thing. Its a pain combined with love: a good pain :p
Lets see what you were aiming for:
Psalm 117:2
"For great is his love toward us,and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever. Praise the LORD"

I knew it.
You did an amazing job afliXion.

By the way, I've just uploaded a new song :D wanna check out?


afliXion responds:

Reviews like this are rare, and I just want to say how much I really appreciate it!
So, the intro you heard wasn't actually an intro, it was the end of the first verse and chorus. Like it says in the description of this piece, the first verse I had to cut cause the song is to big for NG. With the first verse it's 6 minutes.
If you want to learn to 'juice up' a melody, I have two hints for you. Think about which chords are common to both keys. A simple example: C major and A minor, both those keys have D minor. You can exploit that. Another thing is to take advantage of enharmonic spelling. Like, an E-flat can also be a D sharp. I used this technique in this piece actually, with those same notes.
As for what the song really means, both of you reviewers are on the right track actually. The word 'endure' implies that there is something fighting you, and enduring praise means that you carry on, despite the hardships. The verse from Psalms I quoted is to remind us that God will endure so we must too. That's a rather short exegesis but it will do for here.
Again, I really want to thank you for such a great review!

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3.96 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2007
7:02 PM EDT
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