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Troisnyx & Phyrnna - A Breeze From Home (SP Remix)

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Author Comments

This is a track where I decided to try something new in terms of my mixing. It's still a weak spot of mine, but it's something I want to play around with and experiment to see if this new method is better or worse than the way I typically master. Plus my computer's audio jack was broken for most of the time I worked on this, so if you're looking for apiece as well mastered as my others... this probably ain't it, Chief.

Definitely take time to check out the original A Breeze From Home, used in Epic Battle Fantasy 5! It's a really great song, both in game and on it's own, and worth every bit of time listening to :D

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That was... beautiful.

Edit: I can't stop listening to it. It's been so comforting with my flu.

SplatterDash responds:

Glad you liked it :D

ABFH Judge Review/Comment:

The guitar and piano were lovely, and I liked what you did with the vocals. It had some nice ambient elements, which fits well with the genre you selected.

I found the guitar just a shade too sharp in contrast to the remainder of the song. It cut too deeply into the overall feel of the track, but it seemed to stand out a little more. The piano seemed to tie the softer and sharper elements well though, rising and falling a bit like a tide.

Good work mate!

This is an ABFH remix contest judge's review.

That intro sounded like Vangelis, ooooh! And that guitar, gosh, it's leaps and bounds over the original. The key change on the vox makes it sound more youthful, childlike.

Those little touches on the piano, and those Vangelis synths, have really sent shivers down my spine. I hear subtle touches of bass every so often. I am with NekoMika when she says that some bits remind her of FF; that piano certainly does give a Final Fantasy vibe. Only complaint is that the voice does get drowned out.

That solo violin melody, and those strings, all provide a nice sense of buildup. There's also those choir pads, too. They give it a more angelic vibe.

3:35 caused my jaw to drop. I rarely do that. Well done. And the way you reintroduced the instruments was equally good.

4:10, I'm not sure about the bassline there. Drums also sound a bit synthetic there, but nice rhythm nonetheless. Certainly felt rousing, though I'd probably want them to be humanised a bit more, or for a better drum sample to be used.

That ending was on point.

I appreciate that you went for a very angelic feel and that you played around with something new for what you normally do -- and I think you did quite well, notwithstanding the couple downsides I mentioned.

All the best for the competition!

SplatterDash responds:

Hey Troisnyx! Thank you so much for judging and hosting the contest. It especially means a lot that you were able to make a really amazing song for us to work off of, and a game that puts it in a fitting context (I mean come on, cats can put anything in context lol).

The vox, as amazing as they were, were probably my most challenging aspect as I put them together with everything else in mastering. Layering them together was alright, but when the instruments came in, especially at the end, I've noticed the voices are drowned out as well. Fiddling with them, though, usually led to one (or both) of two things: 1) the track wouldn't be as big and powerful, and/or 2) the track would start clipping (a big problem at around 4:34). I had to go for what I could, unless I wanted to turn stuff down or compress the living daylights out of it.

I listened multiple times to 4:10 again, but I couldn't find anything wonky about the bassline. The thing that I think may have been the issue was the fact that on every instrument during the final big part, one or two octaves of each followed the main vox. It ended up being a small detail, and it kinda didn't work since it only comes out some of the time, but it's a small detail that I was willing to test around. Speaking of tests, the drum - I kinda wanted to record the drum on an actual snare, but the only snare I have access to is one that is a six-year-old drum set snare with a questionable mic. Still, I think I may try it out the next time I need a real-sounding snare - or a real-sounding drum kit, for that matter.

Really glad that you enjoyed this! I actually took the time to listen to a few Vangelis songs while writing this, the beginning actually kinda does sound like something they would make lol. Thanks again for hosting the competition, I really enjoy the original and I probably never would have found out about it or its game without this great competition :D

Very well done remix, aside from the intro where it got loud instead of easing into the main rhythm.

Nothing I can hear seems to need working on, the background ambience makes me think of a tide at a beach, not sure if that was the intention though. Some bits remind me of Final Fantasy too. :3

Best of luck in the contest!

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4.47 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2019
12:29 AM EST
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