A Breeze from Home (more weed ? Remix)

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I do this for the contest A breeze from home Remix

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So this was something nice I like the giggle you had in there it was a nice sound and had some good quality about it the dance element here was nice and you showcased this really well so nice job I hope you make more


Hello Can I take your music I gonna post to youtube!

moreweed responds:

oh yes pls

ABFH Judge Review/Comment:

Heyhey. Seems a few others mentioned the sound level as well. I ended up playing it at 4% volume. The giggle was interesting, but I didn't feel the blade sound fit in with the rest of the track and was a bit distracting.

Overall, the dance aspect was nice. You have a nice throbbing beat to it, I might suggest changing the levels to increase the bass a bit more. It was consistently good throughout, and kept itself within the bounds of the source material. I liked what you did with the vocal stem, chopping it up a bit (added to the creepier effects) was a nice unifying factor which made me at my words a bit for disliking some of the creepy bits.

Have a great week!

moreweed responds:

thanks alot ^^

This is an ABFH remix contest judge's review.

Right off the bat, the mix feels so tonally on point, though I had to turn the volume on my cans down to be able to hear it without it hurting me. The bass, the synths, the occasional "huehuehue" laugh, they feel quite nice, very Phy.

There are bits of syncopation in 1:44~ or thereabouts, which feel quite playful. I think, from there until the end it feels so playful. Then, finally, it mellows down... and then ends unsettlingly. Creepy. Pretty effective, in my mind.

This thing feels almost like a creepypasta game's soundtrack, but not quite. That "huehuehue" laugh, that gunshot, that ending, all do suggest it and I like it, and the parts that were not creepy were lulling me into this false sense of security. You did a fine job, in my mind. My only complaint is that it's a massive wall of sound that I need to turn down.

All the best in the competition!

moreweed responds:

thanks alot ^^ hue hue hue

This is a pretty enjoyable remix overall. The one thing I recommend though is lowering the master volume of the final piece down by 2-3%. Otherwise, I think you did pretty damn nice on this one.

Best of luck in the contest!

moreweed responds:


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3.44 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2019
11:50 AM EST
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3 min 9 sec

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