Rising Star

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Fourth submission for Pixelday 2019.

Remake of the song Dreams of Splendor I made in 2012. That song was made for the Dreams of Splendor contest hosted by Bosa, and it was my very first song made for a contest here on Newgrounds. I liked the melody and vibe of that song, and I always planned to make a higher quality remake of the song, but since the lo-fi electronic vibe was its strong part, I decided to keep using lo-fi instruments like 8- and 16-bit instruments, but use them in such a way they sound really phat and pop music like.

I wanted to make a song that fits a first level of a game. Since most good game music isn't designed to sound like game music but rather pop music, I wanted to make a pop song that sounded like a game song that didn't sound like a game song but a pop song. Therefore I used a pop song structure, vocals and lyrics that fit are about a first level in a game, but are actually a metaphor for overcoming obstacles and pursuing your dreams in real life.

I replaced every single instrument of the 2012 version, re-recorded the lyrics, restructured it and added another 2 minutes.

I've used snes sounds for the choir pad
a Nintendo Gameboy/nes routed through a rotary speaker as a sort of organ like instrument
a Yamaha DX7, which uses the same FM modulation synthesis as the 16-bit Sega Genesis does. I've used this for various instruments with effects like guitar and bas amplifiers, phasers, distortion, reverb, chorus, etc.
a Casio RZ-1 drum computer, which is an 8-bit drum computer that handles samples in a similar manner as the snes does (short 0,2 sec long and very compressed).


Verse 1:

The quest has just begun and
there are so many obstacles.
but at the end of the tunnel
there shines a light very bright.

If you have dreams of splendor,
all you have to do is reach out.
Because at the end of the
night there is a light.


Bright light glowing bright bright light.
Bright light burning bright bright light.
Bright light shining bright bright light.
Bright light very bright bright light.

Verse 2:

Uncharted worlds lay ahead,
looking out for your arrival.
Waiting to be freed from evil
that oppresses all creatures.

Countless enemies block the road.
You have to walk in darkness.
But don't give up because at the
end there is the light.


Rising stars are gonna make it far.
Blazing light is gonna shine so bright.

Chorus x2
You will be shining so bright

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Is it me or do I sense Green Hill Zone vibes in here? :D
Great arrangement and composition.
Some synth sounds didn't fit that well to my ear, but it's a great song nonetheless.
Especially loved the solo!
Good work. :)

SourJovis responds:

You are the first to make the connection between Green Hill Zone and this song, but I completely agree.

Like I mentioned I went for a first level type of song. The kind that is catchy so it draws players in so they want to continue playing and which is the song that immediately comes to mind when they think about the game. Green Hill Zone is such a song, but with a pop-music vibe many other game music of that time lack, and which is what gives Sonic a cooler image than say Mario for instance. I bet it also helps this song uses a lot of FM modulation synthesis, just like the Sega Genesis does.

What are the synth sounds you felt didn't fit so well if you could describe them?

Thank you for the feedback!

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Jan 23, 2019
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