Best Of CHIPS 2018 Mashup/Remix (NG Edit)

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yes this is the third upload today but I don't care lol

So over at CHIPS we do this thing for Christmas called Audio Secret Santa (with an unintentional acronym lol), where people across CHIPS sign up, get someone else who signed up, and make a song for them, all without telling them you're their SS until the competition is over. It's honestly a fun event, and those who partake at Christmastime can definitely agree.

In the end, though, I ended up making three gifts. The original gift I made was for exylic, who gave in this song request: "Mario has just said the f word. Your life is now a lie and you spiral into depression, knowing your life will never be the same." I had fun making that, then got the idea to do another mashup (I did two before but never made them public). Near the end, a friend of mine, 1f1n1ty, wasn't getting a gift from his Secret Santa, so with special johnfn powers I got him a gift before the end of Christmas day. So I made three gifts at the end of the day, and I'm happy I made them all :D

This is the middle child of the three. Again, this is the first mashup I've done that I decided to release, so I'm looking forward to feedback. This includes songs from every single main compo, every single salsa compo, and only one day compo, because I was too stupid to not see it was from a day compo until it was too late lol. Overall, it's a little over 9 minutes of pure 2018 that I'm proud to say is with two good communities I love: CHIPS and NG. <3

Inspirational Prelude - Ivory Dance [evan & Miyolophone, posted Sep 23 2017 for Chips Compo 8, Sep 24 2017 {or you can consider it IVORY by yoink/stardew, whichever one works}]
Chips Compo 14 (Jan 8) - Calycycle (Chips Cut) [evan]
Salsa Compo 8 (Jan 18) - After The Long Voyage, At Last We Arrive Home [evan & Hallow]
Chips Compo 15 (Jan 28) - 4B-R05 [Miyolophone]
Vocal Compo: Stems (Jan 29) - Chips-Star (from DINGLE) [Miyolophone]
Vocal Compo: Songs (Feb 4) - Lil Chip - Salsa Gang [MisterMan]
Chips Compo 16 (Feb 11) - Life on the Line [johnfn]
Chips Compo 17 (Feb 25) - Hot Air Ballon [Miyolophone]
Remix/Cover Compo (Mar 2) - Chip Factory [johnfn]
Cacaophony Round 1 (Mar 11) - Wakeboarding Butterflies [evan & eva]
Cacaophony Bonus Round 1 (Mar 16) - Groove with me [JourneyJay]
Cacaophony Round 2 (Mar 26) - Platforms [Kingarthur_I]
Cacaophony Bonus Round 2 (Apr 1) - Driving on Waves [A-zu-ra]
Cacaophony Round 3 (Apr 9) - Acryllic Wish [Splatterhead2]
Cacaophony Bonus Round 3 (Apr 15) - Cartography [daisu64]
Cacaophony Special Round (May 6) - STARFALL [Lich]
Chips Compo 18 + 1 Year! (May 18) - Revenant [Kyron]
Salsa Compo 9 (May 21) - The Big Bouncing Inflatable Green Ball REMIX [evan]
Chips Compo 19 (May 27) - The Timekeeper [Splatterhead2]
Salsa Compo 10 (Jun 3) - Not Yet v5 mp3 [primallight]
Chips Compo 20 (Jun 10) - Last Dawn [Splatterhead2 & UltraMX]
Chips Compo 21 (Jun 24) - New Friends! [LunacyEcho]
Day Compo 8 (Jun 28) - {EDITOR'S NOTE: no way am I gonna list that title at all, nor do I have to because day compos should not be in here LOL} [UltraMX]
Chips Compo 22 (Jul 08) - Black Clad Warriors [I0TA]
Salsa Compo 11 (Jul 13) - Refract - garleggan (Barbershop A Capella Cover) [LunacyEcho]
Chips Compo 23 (Jul 22) - Running Backwards [cinnamonbuns]
Salsa Compo 12 (Jul 29) - The Upside Down [joey4track & garlagan]
Chips Compo 24 (Aug 5) - Isolation [CloakedSoup]
Salsa Compo 13 (Aug 12) - Event Horizon [NahuPyrope]
Chips Compo 25 (Aug 19) - Chips 25 : Boss Fight [Jessie_Yun]
Salsa Compo 14 (Aug 27) - *flaming hot take* [midimachine]
Chips Compo 26 (Sep 2) - Eventide (Remake) [NahuPyrope]
Salsa Compo 15 (Sep 9) - im a little bit sad today, but it's ok because my cats are keeping me company [big ol yoink]
Chips Compo 27 (Sep 16) - The Race of the 26th Century! [joey4track]
Salsa Compo 16 (Sep 23) - Down The Road Of Insanity [FateModified]
Chips Compo 28 (Sep 30) - Bermuda's Triangle [NahuPyrope & Jessie_Yun]
NG Edit - Form [garlagan]
Chips Compo 29 (Oct 21) - Between Good And Evil [Jessie_Yun]
Month Compo 1 (Nov 24) - Autumn Memoirs [Splatterhead2]
*also featuring Sample Pack III, from Salsa Compo 16 (Sep 23)

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I really liked the work you put into this. It's very well done. I just wasnt a big fan of how insanely busy it got right after the intro. Still good work. Love what ya do!

Solid 4s all around. Keep it up


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Jan 21, 2019
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