A Breeze From Home (Przekrosza Remix)

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Let me paint a picture. Day after day, we go out into the real world to go to school, college, or work. We spend hours doing things that must be done, and if we're lucky, we enjoy doing them.

However, no matter how much we enjoy the world outside, after some time, our feet grow weary and our eyes feel heavy. The minutes turn to hours as the setting sun beckons us back to home.

As we return, we greet those we love and those that make our lives worth living. Even if we have nobody else at home, the mirror shows us that we have someone in our corner. Life may not be easy, but with ourselves and our companions, it becomes something that we can endure.

This song forced me to dig deep within myself. The original song signified the close of an adventure that I have been on for most of my life.

Back in 2008, when I was only 9 years old, I was browsing Armour Games when I came across Mecha Dress-Up. I messed around for a bit, and thought "Well, this is kinda cool. I like the art style." Then, as time went on, I found myself playing Brawl Royale, then the very first Epic Battle Fantasy. From there, I followed the series. The games had charm and some difficulty to them. As a fan of puzzle games and strategy, I took to the turn-based combat like a flame to gasoline. I played through the first two games in the series, and I began to watch the progression of the creator, Kupo. I could see the improvements and progression over time, and each entry excited me more than the last.

When Epic Battle Fantasy 3 was released in 2010, I played through the game with a passion. I completed every achievement, fully upgraded every piece of equipment, and talked with every NPC at least 20 times. It was the game that defined my childhood, and to this day I can still hear the soundtrack as I blazed through bushes and slimes, searching for that one extra AP or XP to get me to the next level.

It was this soundtrack, produced by Phrynna, that sparked my interest in making music. Although I wasn't even in middle school yet, I started composing little melodies on my old electronic keyboard and listening to music on Newgrounds and YouTube.

The tipping point came as Epic Battle Fantasy 4 was released. With another soundtrack to listen to and a bit of hope in my eyes, I asked my parents to get me an application that could make music. Come Christmas of 2013, they obliged, and I got my hands on FL Studio 11.

The learning curve was steep, and man, did I fall down that cliff. I beat my head against the wall, trying to make the beauty of the music that was in my head come through in the program. I looked for tutorials and pointers on YouTube and forums all over the internet, and I landed upon electronic music as an outlet. Fast-paced, intense, and relatively easy to make, I picked it up, but it didn't keep my attention.

I graduated high school with a total of only five songs made over my entire career, just about one every year. During the summer of 2017, I rediscovered my lost love for the games in the EBF series, and upon playing through EBF3 again, I decided to give making music another shot. I poured myself into a song that encapsulated those four years of my life, and it was a song that I actually felt good about.

And then I took a break again. For a year, I basically didn't look at FL Studio. FL 12 came and went, and I barely touched it. Going into college, I left the internet for the most part. I followed Kupo on Twitter, and every so often he would tweet about progress on the fifth game in the series. I was interested, but I had more "important" things to focus on.

The release of Epic Battle Fantasy 5 actually slipped past me for a while. I was so preoccupied with college that the games that defined my adolescence were forgotten. Then, one day, I decided to check Kupo's website, and lo and behold, it was out. I went home that night and bought it instantly, and I finished the main game in three days. The soundtrack was beautiful, the game was beautiful, and the story was beautiful.

And all I could think about was that I had wasted an opportunity. Maybe, I thought to myself irrationally, if I had stayed with music for longer, or started earlier, I could have been part of the story. I could have joined Kupo and Phyrnna. I could have found it within myself to undertake some journey and be a part of the story that had defined me.

This song made me question who I was. The opportunity to remix it came, and I seized it. It's not my comfort zone, but heroes must work beyond theirs.

Kupo, from using Legend with a baseball bat against a snow bank to working with code and creating programs, thank you for helping me define who I want to be. Phyrnna, thank you for creating beautiful music and keeping me interested in making music, even when times were hard. You both were essential in making me who I am today, and while I will never surpass you, I hope one day to be your equals.

The original song: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/835091
The contest: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1437756
The game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/432350/

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This is an ABFH remix contest judge's review.

To begin, I like how simple you keep the piano, though I feel as though those keys need some humanisation, big time. There are parts where the volume feels kinda samey (especially bass notes). Parts of it also tend to be loud, louder than the main melody -- which, normally, one hopes to hear in the forefront, as opposed to the background. You do some interesting things with the notes, though.

I like how you brought the backing vox in, but parts of it feel jarring (a very different, non-harmonious chord from the piano and marimba(?)).

There is a peaceful feeling that I can hear you creating, and it certainly does convey that a bit -- though I think imagining how that piano would be played with a pair of hands would be a good next step to nailing it, in my mind.

All the very best for the competition!


One final word of encouragement:

You say not only that this takes you out of your comfort zone, but also that you (feel you will) never surpass the people you look up to -- in this case, Kupo and Phy. 'Surpassing,' in my mind, is a matter of perspective. From what I heard you do with the piano notes, if you aren't a pianist already, I think you have the makings of a good pianist.

I cannot stress this enough. Keep at it, even if it is demoralising. Phy and I are both pianists, and we'll have had to go through demoralising moments to get to where we are with our art, and we still have those moments every now and then. There will be moments where you feel you're down and out, and remember, you are not alone.

Because in a few years, you'll get not only the feel and touch of the keys, you'll also apply that to the music you make with a DAW. And it might feel like a long time before you get there, but it could also happen before you know it -- you'll make music that could equal, rival or even surpass what we do. Of this, I have no doubt. Keep that musical flame burning bright, and burning strong.

ABFH Judge Review/Comment:

I liked reading through your comments while listening to this, it gave some nice perspective of what the music meant to you. So many people get wrapped up in detail that they forget why they were on the path to begin with. I'm glad you got to take part in this contest!

Also, you mentioned that this took you out of your comfort zone. If you see some of my comments on other entries in the contest, there's a recurring theme I keep touching on: good. It's wonderful that something gave you that little push to move you into new space. You rightly mention that heroes work beyond their comfort zone, but you also demonstrate the practicality of not plunging too far away from the known.

I'm glad you've taken this chance to (join NG) work on something close to the heart. I hope you are able to find the time over the next year to continue making music, if even just for yourself. Always hold on to that feeling which sent you down the path. That's where home is.

Przekrosza responds:

It's all about perspective. I actually had a write-up that was about twice as long made for this post, but I didn't factor in the character limit so I lost a great deal of it. It was more of a short story than a blurb, and I talked about how this song represented kind of a "hero's walk" for me, returning to the things that made me feel better back when I was growing up, now with a different perspective.

Safety is overrated, but it's also all too often taken for granted. Striking a balance between exploration and conservation is important to keep yourself on track for the things that you actually want to accomplish. You need to walk before you can run.

My inspirations in music were Phyrnna and DJ Babokon. I've been around Newgrounds, lurking, for years, but it's always been an ancestral ground to me. This is where those who came before me blazed the trail. Coming back and actually joining the site is weird, but homes evolve. Maybe, eventually, this will become one of mine.

A pleasant and simple melody set to the vocals. Sometimes all one needs to make a great remix is go for the minimal amount of sounds one needs and see where it will take them to at the end of the day and at the end of composing process.

I think you great and I love the simplicity of the melody.~

Best of luck in the contest!

Przekrosza responds:

Thanks! I wanted to stay true to the original, so I'm glad that you think it complements the vocals.

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