[DeathStep] 死

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It was hard just to make the beat. IT WAS HELL TO MAKE THE DROP. 2nd deathstep

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Tis is awesome man. Keep up the good work!

Incase you guys wonder, the song is called "Shi" [Japanese (Kanji)]. Meaning Death.
I've witness how he made this song we're both from the same city. It's really messy af.

Anyway, could use some work. Congratulations on being scouted. Since you're frontpaged, try your best to stand out. Good luck.

FuzionTech responds:

Here is why this was laZy: We were having class and making sure that NO ONE can here it because it might disrupt classes. Also I was bored and decide to mess around.

By my opinion this is really poor and not creative at all, but then I see that you are only 14 and for a young lad as you it's nice that you have a constructive hobby, but... Only 4 tones in whole song does not cut it, you need to change melody, to be more creative in song writing, dubstep is often not about melody, but more about productuon power(technics) sound modulation and manipulation, but even if I go there I still don't see nothing special, quite boring I must say... Well all in all you have 3 stars from me for effort, and despite that this one is poor I think that soon you will catch your style and make much better songs. Cheers

FuzionTech responds:

Thank you for a helpful response. I hope to ace in making dubstep (even if I'm just using stock plugins) and more.

Hrm... Sorry, but I feel like this needs some work.

First, I'll say this - a lot of what I'm hearing go wrong in this song is stuff that will be cleaned up with dubstep experience. (I specify dubstep because you seem like you have quite a few non-dubstep songs under your belt already, but dubstep is a very different animal than most other genres.)

That means that a lot of this stuff isn't an immediate fix, unfortunately. Some stuff is just like that, and learning to be patient and work hard at the same time is a very important part of becoming a master.

Anyways - First off, I don't know how you went about making this song, but for dubstep, it's best to make the drop first, and then work on the rest of the song. The drop is the part that takes the most effort, so you probably should work on that first, right? But it's still a challenge to just dive headlong into making the drop, I get it. So then, you need to figure out a way to approach making the drop that best fits you. I find that what works best for me is to first think of a dubstep bassline (something like the Cymatics dubstep loops from their dubstep beginner sample pack), and then work out something similar in my DAW (which is Ableton 10, because it's better, nanny nanny na). The key is to get the basses to have a great tone and have decent stereo presence, so they sound nice and in-your-face. Then, once I've got a bassline down, I can put some drums to it. I have a good sample pack for this, namely Terror Drums by Cymatics. I'd suggest investing a bit into the best dubstep drum pack you can find, unless you already have. (I like Cymatics hats, they're very characterful.) Once I've got my wubs and my drums laid out, I can add background stuff, like arps, chants, background noise, risers and sweeps, etc.

After the drop is done, I find myself basically mixing it right after. It's not too hard to mix the drop, really. The biggest issue for mixing is the balance, making sure stuff sounds loud or soft enough. The only time further processing is necessary is when a fader feels "unstable." If the fader feels like it's fine sometimes but not other times, you need a compressor. If the fader never feels fine, like some frequencies always stick out or aren't prominent enough, then an EQ is in order. Usually further processing isn't necessary when I'm just mixing the drop.

Then, there's the stuff around the drops. There's no real rules, except to put some good effort into making it sound musical. Otherwise, as SeamlessR puts it, you'll just make "impressive tech demos."

So there. Also, congrats on being frontpaged!

FuzionTech responds:

First of all, I use fl studio demo. So I am limited by the rules, but sometimes I could find alternatives (even though It takes time) and use those alternatives to fill out some parts which needs more editing.
Second, I am somewhat inexperienced with dubstep. I usually do house music.

Third, I just use FL studio demo

Dude this shits dope

FuzionTech responds:

This was just lazy work. But thanks. I was planning to make another dubstep

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