Czer323 - Give A Little Love [TL3KRemix] [NGAP 2019]

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Hey there! Trolol here again.

This is my entry for the Jan. NAC 2019 - Honoring The Greats Contest. Decided to give it a try and remix czer323's "Give A Little Love" techno track. I just couldn't resist how beautiful it sounded lol

This track was made in FL Studio 20.
Piano: Keyzone Classic, Stage Grand
Leads: 3xOsc and T-Force Alpha Plus
Pads/Arps: GMS, Harmor, Poizone, String Section

Enjoy! :D

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Gosh they have a FL20 now.. Damn Im getting old lol. You got alot of potential! Keep up the good work.. The lead melody is very theme-like.. Its quite international

trolol3000 responds:

Thank you so much! :D I'll definitely be sure to keep workin hard

**Jan 2019 NAC Judge Review

Having just listened to the original, this feels like a slightly better version of that song. The production is way better and tight. The space of everything feels right and not so squashed.

This does feel like a shot-for-shot remake though. Nothing to distinguish it from the original, other than the enhanced mix. Piano could use a more human touch. Drum fills could use some work.

Still a good effort.

trolol3000 responds:

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to review this :) I greatly appreciate it. I'll admit that I am a little bit lacking in terms of drum fills; I tend to be a little more conservative and repetitive in that department. I'll definitely work more towards improving on that in the future.

Thank you again for the review! :)

***Jan 2019 NAC Judge Review

Feels like you took the original track and the vibes with it, and straight up improved on it in all aspects. I'm really enjoying the overall feel on this one, not really any better way I can describe this one.

Kicker could be a smidge louder, but maybe that's just me XD

trolol3000 responds:

Hi TheComet! Thank you so much for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

***Jan. NAC 2019 Judge review***

Right away the mix is super clean. And the intro of the remix surpasses the original in listener engagement. +1 for using 3xosc in 2019 (wait do I do that too? naw cant be true) +1 for Poizone. The Melody inversion at 2:00 is also improved on from the Original... is this a five piece? its starting to look like this is a 5 star piece............. At 100% volume on my Boses the mix is never overbearing or hazy. Compositionally the piece is improved, the dark part sounds way more natural. Ok I'm gonna give a 4.5... IF i were to say anything it is that the piano could use just a bit more texturing or depth as its sounding a touch FL keys-esque.


Original Piece: 4.0
Remix: 4.5
Net: +0.5

trolol3000 responds:

Hi Flashburn! Thank you so much for the review :) Yeah 3xOsc is the go-to option for me as a broke college student (can't afford Sylenth or Serum yet lol). Probably the main thing I suck at rn is having a decent sounding piano xD Thinking back to it now maybe using Keyzone Classic (and highpassing the crap out of it) wasn't such a good idea.

Again thank you again for taking the time to review! :D

Wow! I must say this is absolutely astonishing from how spot on it is to the original (without too much compression) to how beautifully mastered it is to it honestly hitting every key point a remix should hit with maintaining a lot of the original elements but adding your own style to it.

This is absolutely incredible, Trolol! I really enjoyed the background strings arping throughout the track. This version of Give a Little Love gets a lot of love from me!

Overall 5/5

trolol3000 responds:

Hi Dreamscaper! Thank you so much for the review! I'm glad that you enjoyed this :)

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3.74 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2019
3:27 AM EST
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