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Here's my submission for the A Breeze From Home remix contest <3.

It's a bit rushed in some parts, but I enjoyed making this <3

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= This is the official review of ABFH Remix Contest. =

Badass judge here. Before I begin (like I would say to every participants here) that my opinion could be very personal to you. I’ve scored everyone as objective as possible, but my personal opinions have to be included. So please be advised.

Okay. The piano intro and the pad with vocals was decent but a good start. . . Until I was pretty surprised by that low hum starting 1:04. That was a very good addition, well done. . . Until that chips arpeggio pretty distracted the mood, I think that wasn’t the best choice for that good atmosphere. The riser at 1:37 probably wasn’t the best choice for adding in a quiet progression too. But you certainly surprised me at 1:47. Very good sound design & production there, it needs a bit more mastering, but that’s just it on that one. Structure is overall solid, nice setting of emotion there as well. It was also good that you tried to keep the original version alive during the last half. Just a minor stuff, but it would probably have been better if you could finish up the vocals at 4:58 rather than just cut it off. But still, pretty solid and nice work overall.

Good job. Best of luck on your submission.

This is an ABFH Remix Contest judge's review.

Oooooh, this right off the bat really made my hair stand on end. The whole thing felt so ethereal, from the very beginning. Those synths are on point, and the way you mixed those vocals... Sublime. I loved your keyboard work on this, and the synths on this, and how you built it up.

Then WHAM! 1:47 comes in. I'd probably have appreciated a little bit of a drop, but that desire fizzles out when I hear that really, really lovely chord progression.

3:00~ or thereabouts seems untouched, even though I know you added your own touches with the bass. Those bird samples feel so nice; they've made my spine tingle. It feels like a blend of 80s New Age music, and some of those choral bits that were uplifting in Katamari Damacy.

I'd noticed that you'd gone a long time without reintroducing the actual dance bits in the music, so yeah, you could've fooled me indeed. Light filtered percussion to slowly bring it back would have been well-placed here, in my mind, before 5:00 hits you like a truck right in the feels.

So many high highs, here, though I feel it could have been built up a bit more gradually (as far as percussion). The whole thing was ethereal and nice, but looking back, it felt quite abrupt in places. The whole mix certainly had a big part to play in how it felt, but so does the percussion in my mind -- however light, it could give a sense of progression, to either calm me or prepare me for something big. It needn't necessarily build up to the big moment in 5:00, either -- even keeping it calm before dropping would've worked. But what matters is that it'd have given me a sense of progression, something I kinda really miss about this whole piece.

All the very best for the competition!

ABFH Judge Review/Comment:

You made soft vocals even softer: the first minute is ethereal. As I was going through notes when I was marking scores, I looked at my spreadsheet to where I noted "dance" as the genre, and started to wonder if there was an error. That was at about 10 seconds before it showed up at 1:47. You almost tricked me.

I left myself a comment in my excel spreadsheet because I wanted to explicitly mention how I liked the fusion of natural sounds with this song. There are three distinct genres here, and you blended them all really well. The birds stood out to me, since no matter where you end up in your travels, the birds never seem to have the same songs as those at home.

Good work mate, hope you have a great week!

Very spacey and well done remix. The buildup and drop are stunning and I enjoyed every last moment of this remix. The sounds of nature are a pleasant addition to this remix.

Not hearing anything that I feel could have been improved upon. Nothing seems to overpower anything and everything seems to be on point. Well done!

Best of luck in the contest!

Nice, I like it c:

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Jan 12, 2019
10:03 AM EST
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