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So this was some nice sound here the starting was different and has a nice and unique element about it you do have some good sound work here though really unique sound all the way through so good job indeed

Some nice sound here my advice is to make more


DarkHorseOrchestra responds:

Thank you for your kind words!

= This is the official review of ABFH Remix Contest. =

Badass judge here. Before I begin (like I would say to every participants here) that my opinion could be very personal to you. I’ve scored everyone as objective as possible, but my personal opinions have to be included. So please be advised.

Straight to the point, the beginning sound a bit weird. It’s very unique, I can see that you tried to modified Troisnyx’s vocals. It sounded quite unpleasant to my ears personally, but still you get high points in sound design for that, objectively. The rap part is very well done, that part is pretty top-notch. But the lyrics are not… What I’ve expected. Might not the best fit for what this contest was aiming for, like Troisnyx said. Structure was smooth, emotion was out of our track but strong.

Nice job on it. Best of luck on your submission.

DarkHorseOrchestra responds:

Yeah I wished I took more time in processing her vocals. As for the lyrics, was looking to completely change up the remix from the original

This is an ABFH remix contest judge's review.

Right off the bat, I like your mangling of the voice / modification of its timing / that one sample use. Those, and your backing beat, give the song a melancholic feel, something that wrenches at my heart telling me that something is very wrong, and I am finding myself reaching out, wanting to find out what was wrong -- or what the story behind this remix is. The rapping sounds pretty depressive, a cherry on top of this cake. I am presuming that it's you doing that; I appreciated the personal touch.

Ending feels a bit abrupt. I'm not sure what to make of the reverb on the original voice; I think it really does work in some places -- not so sure about others. It feels quite spartan, which I suppose does the job at conveying the emotion behind this -- the loneliness, the upset. There is a temptation for me to want more, but I'm not sure if adding more would really add anything to the feeling you're trying to convey.

Overall, I think yours is one of the more imaginative entries in this contest.

All the very best for the competition!

DarkHorseOrchestra responds:

I was looking to flip the song on it's head for the remix and head in the opposite direction the original was going in haha

ABFH Judge Review/Comment:

Hey, I remember your AIM entry ("A Delicate Cycle"). Good to see you around again.

I know NekoMIka mentioned the "spooky" feel, and I agree. It very much felt like a spirit which wants to return, but some force is holding it back.

The other vocal stem (rap), was that you? I enjoyed the additional lyrics, it definitely added a bit of a nice back and forth between two characters.

I do also want to say (based on comments you made in your reviews/posts): don't make frontpage your only end goal. I know it is a big thing and gets you out there, but I'm always for personal development over community opinion. Outside of any judging opinion for the contest, you have a solid score on the board off to the left. Same goes for your entry in the NGAP Bingo contest, also a solid score but you withdrew.

I encourage you to continue taking part in contests, even if just for fun and the opportunity to try new things. It will help bring in more constructive reviews, and over time grow your audience more naturally than being slammed onto the front page. Natural growth promotes continued interaction.

Cheers mate!

DarkHorseOrchestra responds:

Those were jokes, I know frontpages are helpful..but not for me haha. I've been frontpaged a couple times and nothings changed. (That was also a joke)

But yeah thanks for the review, and yup the other vocals were me.

Interesting remix, her vocals sound like they are in a big empty room. The chopped-up vocals, while interesting; sound a little spooky to me. :o

Aside from the vocal chopping sounding spooky, everything else sounds pretty good. The beat is really damn nice.

Best of luck in the contest!

DarkHorseOrchestra responds:

Thank you!

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Jan 4, 2019
11:05 AM EST
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