Return of the Warrior (ABFH Contest Entry)

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As soon as I saw the contest pop up, I sat down and used all of my energy from being sick to pump out a remix for everyone to enjoy!

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= This is the official review of ABFH Remix Contest. =

Badass judge here. Before I begin (like I would say to every participants here) I would like to say that my opinion could be very personal to you. I’ve scored everyone as objective as possible, but my personal opinions have to be included. So please be advised.

Alright. Going straight into the point. I really don’t know if the chip melody that playback the vocals was the best option you can get. If you had more smoother synths, it might be better. The instruments you’ve used was pretty limited, although it wasn’t easily recognizable. The organ was also a good touch, you've earned some points in uniqueness. Good work on that part. And overall, the structure is very smoothly done, you have lots of good variations. Very good job on that. Although unfortunately I really had to frown my face during the humming part (1:25-1:45), the slight discord of both the vocals and your background music didn’t harmonized each other. Mixing was pretty decent, although I think the bass sounds a little bit too loud & deep, as well as with the drums. In a result, it muffled everything, especially at the final climax.

Good job though, best of luck on your submission.

This is an ABFH remix contest judge's review.

The song feels like I'm playing an old computer game (or a PS1 game). Really unorthodox chord progression, which I like, by and large. The orchestration, piano, choir pads, all nail the PlayStation 1 feel for me. Drums feel a bit flat, but other than that, I can get down to the instrumentation pretty alright.

Some parts go from loud and layered to soft with little warning, so maybe a slightly more gradual buildup could be used there. The chiptune melody can be distracting when listened together with the voice track; it feels as though each is trying to overpower the other.

All the best for the competition!

ABFH Judge Review/Comment:

Hey there! Man, you were quick out of the gate to finish this. More than anything, I hope you got something out of the remix contest. I'm a sucker for personal development.

I like the orchestral/organ component, which you fused nicely with the more electronic element and the vocal stem.

The ending seemed a bit abrupt and out of place. A bit of my own bias showing, I like symmetry. The opening was more orchestral with a good beat to set the tone, where the ending included electronic and string instruments. I might suggest that last 2-3 seconds where I can hear the track end before the length expires, maybe a faint drawing out of the last note (or clip the silence).

Thanks for your awesome work!

This sounds like it came from the early 2000s to me. It has a nice mixture of goth and synth to it.

Personal thoughts on this though:
- Vocals could have been made slightly louder so they stand out
- Bass needs to be tuned down a bit, feels like it overpowers the synth at times

- Everything else sounds decent

Best of luck with the contest!

Nice =)

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Jan 1, 2019
6:06 PM EST
Video Game
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