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Slim Alleyway

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Author Comments

Moderately fast fusion/jazz loop...organs, percussion, groovy bass. written in 5/4.


I like this. :D :D

I like the fast pace and I like how you used the bass, percussion and organs to give a "city at night" sound to it. I think of bikers racing through the streets of New York or Baltimore. I would've added a "lull" in the tune (i.e. a short period of time in the middle without percussion) in between fast-paced parts of the tune, but this is fine the way it is.

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

yea, good idea. That would probably help with the generic looped sound here :)

Thanks a lot for the review!


ROFL WOW. Jazzy techno!!!!!!! Thats totally what this sounds like to me.

Aside from this being an absolutely hilarious blend of genres (imo) this loop is actually pretty sweet. Kinda bouncy and flows really well. It doesnt exactly loop as well as some of you other loops, but its still pretty nice.

9 *'s for the melody and +1* for the awesome genreblend= 10*'s for you!

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Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

hehe, personally I don't see how this is too much techno...or maybe its the organ synths used in the second and third phase :P

looping problems in here indeed...the drums in the last bit were kinda "forced" so to speak. maybe since its in 5/4 its a bit awkward sounding(i usually just write in simple 4/4 and 3/4 time) and does loop as well...

thanks for the great score and yet another noble review! :)


It was really refreshing to hear this after a browsing through a lot of "thump-thump"-style techno and bedroom guitar solos (I don't know about you, but one thing I miss since the redesign is the genre list on the audio portal front page). The bass and organ work together beautifully, and when the drums finally drop the barely-perceivable groove locks together. However I would remove some of the more exotic percussion (like the woodblock) or add some reverb and turn it down a bit, and the ending is real abrupt (but, maybe that's what you were going for). All in all nice loop!

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Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

why thank you for the nice review. i'm also not digging that they removed the genre list, among other things > : ( .

also thanks fo the criticism man, yes there is an abrupt ending, and I wasnt planning for it. reverb would be nice too, ah yes. one thing I do disagree with you on is removing the exotic percussion(my favorite stuff to program, also adds some originality IMO :P) hehe. but if you said the drumset stuff then I might agree.

once again, thanks for the review good sir!

well nice

Never done a single song in any else time signature than 4/4 XD
It sounds like crap when I try

Nice fusion of synths and other sorts of jazzy instruments. IT clashes together a lot but whatever. Good work.

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Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

thanks for the review SBB! :)

most of the stuff i've submitted here is 4/4, everything but this track and pluvium is in both 3/4 and 4/4. most people have a natural feel for 4/4, this one just happened to have a feel for 5/4 when I was writing it, I was trying aiming for a different time signature :P anyway, not a big deal hehe.

i can see where it clashes, the drums during the third phase was too broad, so I can see where you here the clashing.

thanks again!

alot different than what you'd normally hear..

..on newgrounds, or anywhere.
you've definitely got a unique sound here, even if it is a short track.
the main organ/synth/voice is interesting sounding, but it does sorta keep that same melody throughout the whole thing, which gets slightly annoying when i listen to it over and over again.
i really like the way you worked in different synth sounds throughout the whole thing that really worked well together and made for a very interesting loop.
speaking of loop, for such a short track its pretty vital for it to loop well, and this track didn't really loop well at all. i guess if you weren't going for a loopable thing, just a short experiment, that's fine. but it is much easier to listen to such a short piece if it loops, so yeah.

my favorite part of the whole thing, though, was the percussion. it was varied, interesting sounding, and it progressed from softer, organic stuff into hard hitting drums with lots of embellishment. so great job on that-it made this track, in my opinion.

overall, this is a very unique, interesting sounding thing. keep it up.

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Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

thanks once again for the review dude.

I definetly agree with the melody bit, it could have changed throughout the course of the loop to make the overall track loop better..I had more of a buildup going with the second phase of the track, but it sounded awkward and didn't connect well so I through it out.

thanks for the nice comments on the percussion, I tried different types of stuffs to give the track a little bit more variety.

once again, thanks for the insight and good score. appreciate the well written review man!

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Credits & Info

2.88 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2007
8:58 PM EDT
File Info
507.3 KB
32 sec

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