ECF: student log pt.1 (My Name is Floor)

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Hey everyone,
Welcome to my New project. ECF. this will be the first big project i am going to work on. in short the story is an horror/thriller story about ECF. what happends and what mysteries there are you have to find out. it's a project witch lets you particapate as well. i wish you and everyone a good searching and let's see what ECF has to hide.

(also Floor is new to voice acting so i she doesn't know alot of it yet so if your willing to help her out with some tips i am sure she will be open to it anyway let's continue)

This is Floor. she has heard alot about the students logs and she descided to check it out. let's lissen to what she has to shall we.

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Would be great for more voice acting, thing, whatever itโ€™s called exactly, hope to see more in the future

NyanaCreation responds:

just audio haha and i hope to make more of these i like the project and i hope the voice actors want that to but thanks.

Ah! Awesome to see @TheDanceFloor do voice acing! That was a wonderful surprise! Great to see Nyana is working with her! ^_^
Based on what I hear, I think Floor spoke the whole thing in one go, which is impressive, kudos to her for that! I would probably have to practice and repeat a dozen times before I could do it all in one, long take xD Floor also has a very believable accent, no trace of her Dutch language, and she has good articulation :)

Advice to Floor: be mindful of background noise, I think I heard a short "bloop" at 11 seconds xD also, I would make the clip last a little bit longer by simply slowing down now and then. So that it sounds a bit less as a rant, and a bit more as a calm reflection. This is a long monologue, and pacing it is important so that we don't near-forget what was said 30 seconds ago. (I know Floor called this a rant at the end, but with gushing out words as one does in a rant, there is a risk of pacing too quickly)

Advice to Nyana, the writer: since Newgrounds is available to minors, I would not use the F-word in clips. I jumped when she said that, and it took me by surprised. "Screwed" would work just as well, I think?

But, these are just my thoughts. Use them or dismiss them (or a mix of both) as you want :)
I hope Floor does more work with ECF student logs!

(If Nyana thinks I could pull off a student-imitation, I would be most honored to collaborate, so let me know! :) )

NyanaCreation responds:

i am sure that if @TheDanceFloor will be happy with the helpfull tips you gave her. it is impressive that she did it in one go especially because this is her first time doing this.

for me i am not going to sencor my words for something as easy as that. it's a creepy pasta story for the begin and second i don't want to parent myself in any way. minors are not stupid and already know the ''f-word'' i know i will stay away from certan curse words because it's absolutly discuting when people use it but fuck isn't such a big deal i think. if you can't handle that one you should not lissen to my scripts or two get over it. me sencoring my work is not going to help keep the minors away from the word i assure you that.

TheDanceFloor responds:

Hey dude, thanks for the advice! And actually the advice for Nyana about cursing also helps me because I curse a lot.... oops.... anyway now I know that I probably shouldn't do that in any posts.

And I think that boop was from the mic.... I was messing with it with my fingers because I had to do something with them. Maybe next time I'll just grab a pen or a anti-stressball instead xD

Also thank you for thinking that I did all of this in one go.... Because I didn't xD I like to read out the lines as many times as I can until I'd get it right. Then I edit it back together in Adobe Premier Pro.... Soooo I think I fooled you a bit there! Still though: it is very nice to hear that someone couldn't hear that it was edited so that makes me a little bit more confident.

And last but not least: thank you for saying that I don't have any Dutch traces in my English voice, I've worked kinda hard on that and I like it that it didn't go unnoticed :)

This clip sounds very promising for an audio series with a mix of mystery,sci-if and possibly horror(maybe later on?).The voice also suits the role very well.Great work to you both and hope to hear more of this!Best of luck for this project!

By the way,Hope itโ€™s not too early or late to wish everyone a happy New Year!

NyanaCreation responds:

Haha yah it's working up to be an horror story but it has to have the basic stuff in first right so yah. it needs to start somewhere ^^ anyway thanks for the compliments as always.

and Happy New year to you to ^^

The girl has a nice voice... Be careful of them student loans.. Alot of my friends kicking themselves in the butt about them loan... Whoa a girl has special powers?? Shes probably an X-Man lol.

I scouted you btw. Welcome to the portal

NyanaCreation responds:

I am sure she is happy to hear that ^^ and no student loans for the ECF. but is that normal there or is something more going on behind the shadows ;)

TheDanceFloor responds:

Ey man, thanks about the compliment about my voice! And yea i'd say too that the girl is an X-man, I have no idea though xD

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