Fear As Though You've Never Feared

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I summon all my front page magic to influence this competition!! I want front page 2 months in a row!!


Special thanks to my friends Slobbery Knobbery and Ron Burgundy

For judges/entertainment:
I used row C2
1. Song is all in 4/4
2. Gb Major at 1:13 and 4:32
3. Triangles at 4:16 (Triangle cymbal and triangle synth wave so 2 triangles like Lara Croft's tits)
4. Flute at 3:26 and 4:32
5. Swing rhythm at 2:36 and 3:26

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I like the call-and-response opening section. There are a lot of fun and catchy riffs in this piece, in fact. The progression is a little slow-paced, though. The first minute and a quarter or so felt like an intro to me. Production is pretty loud and clean. All of the guitars sound really distinct, although the drums don’t come through quite as well on some of the busier sections, especially 2:03. That said, I thought the melodies at 2:03 were great, and really help channel the energy of the piece. The vocal sample at 3:22 caught me by surprise a bit, but fits in well with the directionality of the piece. Nice job incorporating the flute, and I love the victorious mood in the texture at around the 4-minute mark. The transition at 4:16 was a tad sudden. Would’ve helped to let the sound fade a bit before completely shifting gears. The next section was quite mesmerizing, though, if a little out-of-character given the rest of the piece. The piece loses a bit of cohesion that way - almost makes it feel like a filler song on an album, meant to bridge the gap between two different styles of composition. Still, this is a strong piece. Nice job with the sound design, mastering, and melodic elements. Keep it up, Djt820!

Mixing, mastering, and balance
Structure, transitions, phrasing, and variety
Melody, tonality, harmony, and texture
Instrumentation and sound design
Emotion, atmosphere, and catchiness
Originality and uniqueness
Overall (how do the elements above interact?)
Satisfies bingo requirement?
Composite score

djt820 responds:

I rarely get my music analyzed to this degree haha. I'm glad you dug the song and can appreciate your feedback. Its funny... I've gotten that "slow paced" comment a lot lately but I don't mind! I come from a doom metal background and the motto is "low and slow". If you ever explore doom metal, smoke a joint beforehand.

Melody is always important to me so I'm glad you liked that aspect.

Like my life, there is very little cohesion so your criticism is valid.

Thank you very much for the detailed review. This is why I like NG!

ahh so much guitar :)

this is actually mastered really nicely - everything can be heard properly :)

it's nice - if a bit slow paced. The mastering really does it for me - for me mastering is more important than composition.

On man that split second guitar solo at like 2:02 was pretty sick. That chorusing of the guitars is pretty sick too :)

and omg DEM LICKS :P

love the old school rocking jug jujug jujug jujug... reminds me of hearts barracuda almost :P

I like how around the 3:15 mark you can hear the bass come through melody wise.

And omg adding flute? You crazy bastard! :P

I like the little snippets of vocals you peppered through the song as well :)

4:20 reminds me of a rock ballad with that guitar :)

like something from Triumph or Metallica

interesting choice of outro with the flute and piano, dunno if I have ever heard those paired like that - one is almost given the illusion of hearing a church organ in the end when it plays too :)

overall, I got no complaints man, I hear a lot of crap but this was solidly produced - well done dude! My first 5 awarded in this bingo contest thingie :P


-shawn (Chronamut)-

djt820 responds:

I haven't giggled like that since I was a school girl. What a great review! I'm pumped that you liked it as much as you did. And I'm relieved to hear such positivity on the mastering because I lack confidence in that so thank you. I'm going to take this 5 star and put it on my refrigerator next to the picture I made for my mom. Thank you again!!!!

Pretty cool track! You kept it interesting all the way through and I could mention plenty of elements I liked such as the change to the swing feel and the main riff which sounds like classic Guns n Roses but the intro with the panned guitars and bass phrases was my favorite part.

djt820 responds:

Now that you mention GNR, I can hear me subliminally being influenced by them. Been listening to them a little more than usual lately. Good ear. Glad you dug it my man! That intro was fun to make! Thanks brother.

That guitars and bass sounds very good friend!, i like the two voice of the guitars at 2:05 part, i also like the anticipations in the swing parts. At 4:35 is very nice too, with that sweet melody of the guitar over the soft comp.

Excellent job, and good luck in the Bingo Contest !

djt820 responds:

And good luck to you too. Thanks for the detailed review.

Bro i love how the guitar starts... You made me a heavy metal fan... This is too sick

djt820 responds:

Welcome to the genre! Don't let the cookie monster and compression scare you away. And thank you for the sweet review. It was delicious.

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Dec 26, 2018
6:35 PM EST
Heavy Metal
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