To Nietz (Acapella)

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Here's to you dude! Verbal exchange with a new hue. For all who view this confused view: https://cyberdevil.newgrounds.com/news/post/1023530

Maaan lately I have been stressed out of my mind.
I've seen your responses I am not blind, but I confess I've been bad at replyin'!
Sometimes I just want to drop everything like I'm back to lacking that drive.
Not packing the craft I have to survive, only baggage bagging me alive.
I just want to rewind, but you can't do that so second best bet: redefine?
So I thought instead of writing I'd try: recording some lines.
Thus I'm back at the banter and that is a good feeling... I'm feeling alive,
And it's good practice, been meaning to vibe, need to record more tracks and be number five!
Cause number one: that's done, that's not mine. That's fine.

I'm more like used rags, newsflash, back in the day Do-rags were cool hats!
NG's the new boob tube now, nudes are cool now, how did they do that?
Tumblrs be tumbling in and we're grinning it's just the beginning it's grim, inning!
NG can do any thing! Wheels are spinning again! S3C rims blinging!
Remember when everything was dim, thinning? Dumb. Dingings. Done! Diddly!
So many noobs follow crumbs in this inn now; just look like glum pigeons.
But III want to welcome everyone! Aye, get in! Wives, children!
Criminal midgets, we got room for all in our building! High, ceiling!
I'm tired but is this a high I'm feeling!

You want a newsflash I got the scoop! News flash! New year on track so woot.
Whoop whoop I got back my juice and it's thanks to you dude and that is true!
On the rooftops we stack the moot! It's down on the Ground that we pack our youth!
I'll backpack round the world till it's back to June and summer calls me: aw yeah never that too soon.

But till then it's a rebellion. Compelling like a melon.
Running around the office. Rummaging and yelling.
People pumping all fists in the air not every orifice,
They don't got the balls they're still slumbering on your fits.
So many noobs do crude things too, but perspective calls, need to loose my views.
Perfection calls, need to doodle dudes maybe use some lube oh no... it's the future: smooth.

But we linger on in... life and death contemplations...
Go through the ringer every day we face new relations...
Wear our bling but don't feel shine unless we embrace it...
The praise that our abrasion raises...

Is that the price to pay for all that's sacred?
Is our crime the days we spend evasive?
Not facing the truth just spacing out tools to the fools
Who steer our way it's...

Kind of depressing when you think of it that way but hold your chin up a bit today maybe a chin-up makes you K.
Life's a race, with some grimace and some cake, all the big ones that we change, all of us bigots for our sakes.
But who are you to not be in our crew? Nietz and us woo the new and tell tales like Gates to take us away from our great gloom.
Roomed in, zooming in on Google on the moon but ain't life a bride or a groom? Don't just abide: life it smiles on you!

I'll play for that guess. Good times. Bad times = sad yes. Contemplate age, lying in a vacant naked state on a mattress, trying to calm down though it's either apathetically calm or napalm if either I have or I have had stress. But I'll best, these trials yes, not blind yet, and NG's looking fine I'll sign that eye test. Hi Nietz! Yeah...

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Nice one, Cyberdevil!


Cyberdevil responds:


This is so relatable dude.
Well written and we'll recorded. The flow was amazing. And your voice is just amazing.

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks man. :) Yupp, it's my one venting way...

Slick rhymes my dude. lets colabo. I just dropped a new instrumental track. let me know if you wana riff it. very poetic.

Cyberdevil responds:

Many thanks. :) Will check it out in a bit!

Still ain't well, and you wouldn't be too, if all you did was kill off brain cells. I guess that pain, sells. And after a while it's like propelling the same smell of shame. A little stale, when you've taken every tale off the shelf, and exhausted yourself to failure. I'm at the tail end, of this trail... send help, I'm ailing. Sounds like I'm bailing the fight, not scaling the heights of great things. Everything is maybe; not quite changing. Except my age. What am I chasing? The Yellow Brick paving? Success? I'm still waiting, life sucks, and I'm stressed... Still stark raving mad. Dark days and that... And I'm partly to blame for that. My party days are at an end, can't even muster a hearty laugh. Maybe it's time to start new, instead of being sorry and feeling like an ancient artifact. Time to get back and stack ammo. Time to start learning that piano properly. Let's tango motherfucker. Time to get back on top again. I'm not having another hangover... so relinquish, it's time for you to handover power. I'm the real landowner now, the man that feels sober again. Full of hope and hands on the motor again, born to offend, ready to go all out, go for the throat again. A poet with ink, but inchoate... go out on a limb, giving nothing but a grim showing and a glowing grin. Knowing him he'll be growing in confidence, and that's an ominous sign. It's obvious I'm not stopping the writing, but I might cut down on the rhyming so I can get back to finding my soul and rise up. Light thatch and make people bring their eyes up to the right height to get attached again. Chicken scratch... giving the opposition a good kicking in Jimmy Choos... and leave the rest stood licking their wounds. Jimmy Choos? They're women's shoes for fuck sake! What are you? Some cuck? No, just cuckoo, with both of his nuts tucked in a thumbscrew. Some cunts think I'm silly so they want to torture me with the pillywinks. Probably some hillbillies from Billinge or Langho. Not Daz Dillinger, Baz Luhrmann or the Tazmanian Devil. No, that's Damien. A thorn in my side. Better than some form of avian, which flu over the Cuckold's Nest. Fuck gettin' old and having sweaty pictures taken to be placed on Getty Images. In 4k!

Oh, and thanks for the tribute. It is highly appreciated. Nothing like bouncing rhymes back and forth to inspire one another out of the doldrums.

Cyberdevil responds:

I guess I am killing at least a few brain cells daily too, though most prevail, see I was never hailed by D'Angelo Bailey. Whoop de doo. A little pain, maybe... bumping heads like my hair's... braided. Like a fierce... lady. More so than snorting dope though and doing whatever fares... Shady.

Still tumble in fear but not so much loathing or doubt as I've been in this year. Bin this shit hear. 2019: this will be the clear. No need to climb or fight just ride on rhymes (or not) and might you find new highs, and devise the right strife, and find a new spice of life, right...? Like camouflage-flavored night tights.

Hell yeah, Tango & Cash right? Light up the world, no need for a flashlight! Can't just wait for life to pass by, you gotta grab that by the ass bite. Not getting by on hand outs, or hangovers, or hand me downs... or Half-Life.

Jimmy Choos? Choke hold in the tube? I don't suppose I knew who that was before you opened up my views. But we're getting enough for that via the NG, the new, the brave, the few, who do more with words than the average dubian dude. Oh what I wouldn't do for food.

And hey, I appreciate you too! In 2K19, or forked 4K view too.

Doldrums indeed. Well-known but now far gone slums. They're so glum. You know not what you need till you know you're not in one. Yeah...

You okay dude?

Cyberdevil responds:

All OK right now, thanks. :) Life's full of ups and downs, but words are my therapy! Finally have a free week to wind down and write a bit.

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Dec 22, 2018
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Hip Hop - Olskool
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