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Wild World

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Author Comments

Back to IDM... enjoy! :)

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This is one of my favourite tracks from you, probably ever! It's so atmospheric, and the energy is maintained throughout. The instruments sound so great together, and the rhythms suck the listener in. The melodies and chords are so well chosen too. I love it, thanks for sharing!!!

Zoonotist responds:

Thank you so much for your response :3

I am really feeling the vibe with this one. I caught myself rocking to the looped beat that by the time 2:03 in the song I am thinking to myself, "Has 1OTA ever presented his work to the public, He could probably get an entire gymnasium rocking to his vibe?" I would hope you had ambitions for more, I don't want to put no limits on you man, this was fire! Very addictive like candy.

Zoonotist responds:

Thank you for your kind words. :) Happy holiday!

This is great!

It reminds me very much to the original first Ragnarok Online series BGMs, which I liked very much back then, and as I listened to your music some Ragnarok game pics actually popped into my mind :), this really could be in a Ragnarok game. I liked these song so much that I've copied the .mp3 files onto my mp3 player and listened to these when I went to school, this makes it even more nostalgic for me, it was long time ago. (I didn't like all of the songs, but which I liked, I liked them a lot.)

I especially like the double speed snare starting at 0:59, if there would be maybe just 1 or 2 more extra layers of drums, this would be a perfect vgm transition to "Fight-scene"-version of this track, I mean when a video game uses stems as a non-linear background music, and changes the volumes and patterns (FL FTW! :)) according to the players position and state (calm/fight). I don't know how they call this technic in English, I forgot sorry, you know.

I didn't know that THIS is IDM. I never listened or Google-d, or YouTube-d IDM before, actually I don't even know what IDM stands for, but at least now I know that some of my favorite Ragnarok VGMs are IDM. :)

Have a nice day!

Zoonotist responds:

Thanks pal. :) I think the word you were looking for is called climax.

IDM stands for intelligent dance music, it's a silly name, but the elements of IDM often revolve around ambient, cinematic, melodic and clever beats. Mirror Edge Catalyst music is an example of IDM, made by Solar Fields. Another example of IDM is Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada. The power of IDM lies in its complexity of production and sound design. IDM proves that sound design could be as juicy as anything else, and still able to deliver moving flow of music.

Most of the 90s and 2000s video games were IDM and intelliegent DnB. From Unreal Tournament to generic racing games. Mostly had to do with the influence of demoscene, where IDM and DnB are popular at the time. It's understandable why many musicians at the time did IDM, because many of them came from the scene, such as Thomas Bergersen, Jesper Kyd, Ari Pulkkinen and Peter Hajba. I also came from demo and tracker scene. Small and big memories.

I think IDM meant to feel nostalgic, it delivers the emotions that other genres don't usually have. I like to think that IDM has souls in its production, that the dedication of its composer put it making it lively.

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Dec 2, 2018
3:51 PM EST
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6 min 10 sec

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