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Sonic Ice Cap Act 1 remastered by Chronamut / IoTheEternal

This is a very rarely remixed ice cap - act 2 - Originally done in late 2004 - I achieved the effect by essentially tripling everything in the song, it's kinda cool and kinda annoying at the same time.

This one was even harder to remaster than the first one - because it was either all high end, too much bass, or just mud. I kinda compromised on this one, hopefully it's satisfactory.



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I know what you mean by the mixing with the bass, it's hard! XD
That said, I think the drums might be a tad loud to me. but I love the icy feeling you gave the remix; really brings out the nostalgia feeling.

IoTheEternal responds:

I could only do so much to fix this one unfortunately - but the drums were intentionally made that loud, to make this piece feel a LOT more intense than it originally would have.

And thanks - I am happy with the icy feeling I gave it as well :)

and yes mixing bass levels can be super hard.

thanks for the review! :)

-shawn (Chronamut)-

Ah. Ice Cap Zone.
I remember hearing ParagonX9's remix when I play a Sonic flash game 5 years ago before listening to the original song.
I love the song, and this remix.
But there are some stuff that needs fix:
I like the melody however, but the sweep effects didn't fit because they were a bit ruff.
Also, some of the melodies are weird.
The bass also needs some more sidechain since the melodies overlapped it.
Anyways, it's still a good remix.

IoTheEternal responds:

lol yeah this song has issues because everything in it was tripled - its not my favourite rendition - I even remember not entirely liking it back in the day - but it had to be redone, and I don't have the source file anymore so it had to be remastered faults and all.

The sweeps were in the original song, in fact many people liked the sweeps in this one so that's a matter of personal taste.

And lol sidechaining? This was 2004, we didn't even KNOW about sidechaining back then.. so just appreciate it for the attempt it was hehe..

there are gonna be a lot of old songs I redo that will have issues I just can't fix - if it says it comes from 2004 just keep that in mind.

thanks for the review!

-shawn (Chronamut)-

Fantastic ^-^ <3

IoTheEternal responds:

lol then why the 4 and a half :P

thanks for the review!

-shawn (Chronamut)-

I much prefer this over the other one... the blippy effects are really nice, and the bass is noticeable yet not overpowering. The pads in the background are nice too, as well as the double lead melodies that go over each other. Nice one!

IoTheEternal responds:

well glad you like.. one of them hahaha :P

I actually prefer act one better - I find the doubling on this one gets a bit annoying after a while.. go figure hehe :P

thanks for the review!

-shawn (Chronamut)-

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Dec 1, 2018
2:50 PM EST
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