Bar Music (Attempt 2)

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classical piano music

(might need to turn your volume up)

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Very interesting song! Others have said this already, but it's a little all over the place. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I think the song would sound a lot more fluid if you tried to incorporate some more transitions.

I think a large part of the issue is how choppy the rhythm is. There's this constant pattern of a bunch of notes, then only a few, then a bunch more, etc. This can work, but when you're working with so many key changes, you have to keep it flowing between them. Otherwise it just sounds like you're stopping and starting throughout the entire thing.

The other point of critique I have is that a few sections a bit dissonant. Dissonance can definitely be used to your benefit, but be careful with it. Some well placed dissonance here and there can build tension, but for this kind of song you have to resolve it. For instance, each diminished chord leads well into another chord, but if you don't follow through with it, then it just sounds unsettling.

Still, good job with this! You have a lot of good ideas in here, they just need to be meshed together a bit better. Greetings from R4R!

I'd say it's more jazz than classical. It has some nice moments and the harmonies are really nice for the most part but it seems really unfocused. What I suggest doing is learning about basic musical forms. I can help you with anything theory related if you ever need help since I'm rather adept at theory. Decent piece with some really good potential, but it needs a lot of work.

I agree with @ninjamuffin99 on many fronts, it sounds like a bunch of different ideas for songs all crammed into one audio file and performed the same way.

Keep this file around, and pull out pieces of it to use on other projects.

belthagor responds:

I was thinking of using some parts as samples for other songs. Thanks for your review!

I agree with @ninjamuffin99
Not bad, just a bit unfocused.

This aint half bad. There's some cool little moments sprinkled through, and nothing I'd say is terrible.
My critique is that it more so sounds like a bunch of little tiny songs all compiled together rather than a coherent whole. It goes from one thing to the next. Although maybe that's what you were going for so I can't complain too much. This very well could just be a compilation of little tunes.
The song stays towards middle key a bit, and doesnt seem to often stray too far towards the high or low ends, but when it does it sounds pretty good. So mess around with that I guess.

And god bless you for not using default FL Keys lol

belthagor responds:

Thanks for your review! I updated the track after some tweaking.

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Nov 29, 2018
6:40 PM EST
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