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I hope you like this ambient song, although its rather long, it is very soothing. (5:08)



some of the samples, esp. the voice samples, aren't really fit to the tempo. So it strangely starts and finishes, kind of like the sample just cuts off when another voice sample comes in. So you should either fade out the end of the samples in a sample editing program, sync them to the right tempo or remake them. Eventually check your sampler's polyphony settings and that stuff if they cut off strangely. I suppose you didn't record those samples yourself, but if you did it's a good thing. blah blah

Most of the song is based on voice samples- good variation with those of course, but after a while it's more of a collection of "ooh"s and "uhnf"s. Your synths vary quite a bit too- I love the sine sub bass, not very recognizable though. The pad in the background has a very nice sound, but it sounds like there's some of the same problems as with the voices. The keys sound very synth, but it's a nice clingy sound. The drums are something I really love, they sound different from what they use to. I find it hard to make good, exotic sounding drums like those you have here- feel like telling me how they're made?

I'm not so sure about the complete change in the last part- it changed up to some midi esque stuff. I don't really mind it, it IS a nice "moving on"- end you got, if that's what you aimed for. Nice cheesy synthbass you got there too, though not too interesting.

Overall I think you got a good song going here, with some moderate problems (which I personally think are problems- I believe if you improved it most people alive would think it sounds better) but mostly dipped in a nice, ethnic sounding mood. Good works


good job man i like it alot keep up the good work and i give this a 10 and a 5

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Smad responds:

Thanks for the review :)
I'm working on some new stuff at the moment so keep an eye out for it.


Here is my rev to you.

Ambient...I'm not an expert in knowing what makes a good ambient song. I'll try my best to be fair. First off...is this a remix? No? Than I compliment you for the vox like humming. Yikes a 5 minute song! I suppose the baby like bells are good. The transition was quite sudden. Maybe a long echo (or reverb) could have made the transition better. This 2nd section is more calm. The humming with the two voices is good, but one of them sounds funny. Now this next transition is much better. Faster song style now. Too bad the female vox isn't saying any lyrics. I understand your pattern now. You change up the back ground which is awesome considering I love diversity however even though you change the background...once you make the transition it kinda repeats. Add that with the vox repeating and well it's not much diversity. However this is your style and you like long buildups so I respect that. You gotta make the song shorter though. This length may be perfect to relax to outside in the breeze but I'm sitting inside in front of my computer. :) I can see you put alot of thought into making this and I know others will love this. Ambient just not my fav genre. I like upbeat kind of music. Overall I liked the fast part of the song, loved the vox though I hoped for lyrics, and I like how you at least changed the background to not get me bored. 5/5 and 10/10. Ask SBB to rev. this song. He knows alot more about ambient than I do. Sorry for the lame review. Bye for now

Smad responds:

Thanks man, I like people who leave meaningful reviews whether good or bad. :D
Yeah this good would be ideal as a backing track for a serious flash (hint hint) lol. Neways, thank you for listening to my song and giving a thoughtful review, I appreciate it. Btw my other songs are plenty upbeat, listen to them :P.


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May 28, 2007
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