When All Things End

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At the end of everything, there is one last gleam of hope... A gentle, epic piece.


A masterpiece.

Like I saw in 21 Loop, this song really is great for its genre -- and what's even more surprising to me is that the slow, steady pace of the song really worked for me, when most of the time, it just doesn't.

A few complaints -- but they were overshadowed for the most part of the quality of the song -- I figured I'd give you what I thought about some parts.

- The snare drums at :45 really dominated the bass and the bells (or xylophone? Sort of sounded like either one), and continued to be too loud throughout (during the trumpet section, this happens again at right before the 2:00 mark)
- The weird snythisized string instrument at about 1:15 didn't fit in very well, but it did when it moved to the background.

But, with every bad thing comes good stuff, so...
- The string parts (violin?) sounded really nice. Amazing, actually.
- The final rise in the piece by the last instrument at 3:30 was one of my highlights in the song.

I can't stress enough that I (personally) thought the snare drum was too loud -- but, it does give a definite beat to the song. I'm sort of a bass kind of guy, so I was rather disappointed by the drowning out of the lower parts throughout the song -- but overall, it was a masterpiece. :D

mechanoid-9 responds:

Well, it's disappointing to hear that a lot of the instruments used didn't manage the intended effect.
- Those are neither bells nor xylophone but are supposed to be harps <_<
- The instrument at 1:15 is a normal marcato violin I still use today, it begins with a lower pitch and at the next repeat of the melody it's topped by the same instrument, only one octave(?) higher.
So eh. I need to make a more realistic sound i guess.
About the snare drums: I think it partially depends on the speaker system, some bring out a type of sound better than others. When I was making it the volume levels sounded okay. Try listening to it on a different system. As an example, the bass drums in this very piece sound good on almost any speaker or headphones, but in my mom's car they are incredibly loud for some reason, quite ruining the song.
But maybe you're right and they might be a tad bit too loud. They were supposed to give drive to the song, along with the bass drums, it could be that I overdid that aspect.
I know the song has its flaws, and therefore doubt that it could be called a masterpiece, but not bad for one of my first classical attempts I guess. I'm glad you liked it after all, despite the mistakes. Thanks for the review!


Very soul-stirring, inspiring! Would be awesome fr an after-the-battle sort of a movie. I like the way the drums march on, while the rest of the music comes to accompany it, without the drums having to move to fit the music. Nice ending, too.

mechanoid-9 responds:

Well, as I usually do with my songs, I put the full-force main part together first, and created the buildup and the whole structure after. That way I can make sure it all fits together. Thakks for the review.

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May 27, 2007
6:26 PM EDT
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