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Happy Halloweeen!

Jordi and I originally wrote this song for a game jam, but unfortunately the game wasn't finished in time for the deadline. We thought we'd upload it for Spooktacular on Newgrounds, and join in on the fun!

We tried channeling that 50s feel a bit with this one. We hope you enjoy it!

P.S. At least on chrome on my laptop, Newgrounds seems to have fixed loops so that they're mostly seamless in the audio player, which is awesome! If the track ends weirdly for you, it might not be able to loop on your device :)


Oh baby you possess me
I want you to caress me
Let's get a little freaky
Under the moon

We're gonna wait 'til midnight
I'll take-a you to new heights
I've gotcha under my sights
You'll be alright

So come on gimme a spook
You got me in a loop
You light a fire in me
Oh won't cha set it free

I'm possessed
Baby I'm possessed
You know ya got me possessed

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Oh man this is so good!!!! <3 love it

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot! We had a lot of fun working on this one :D

Es la mejor canción que he escuchado en mucho tiempo, podría escucharla siempre, excelente trabajo hermano ❤

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Muchas gracias :)

This track is lit is like ghost.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Haha, why thank you ^___^!

Love it, guys! A really fun and spooky track that's full of souls...er, I mean soul. Really nice timing between the instrumentals and vocals, and some great little nuances, like Jordi chuckling about getting a little freaky. ;)

You guys really nailed that jazzy, bluesy feel. The instrument mix is on point and evokes imagery of a smoky lounge filled with strangely transparent people, just hanging out and enjoying a bit of All Hallows' Eve reverie. The lyrics fit the theme, and are delivered beautifully with just the right tone.

While this bass is probably too much for my crappy little computer speakers to even handle at a decent volume without crackling, it quite overwhelms my ears even through my headphones. My suggestion would be to "distance" the bass a little by lowering the dry levels somewhat, or maybe stereo separate it a bit more to spread it across the field, so it doesn't just take over.

Fortunately, Jordi's lyrics are nice and clear, so they ring out well even with such an overshadowing low end. The sax is nice and bright, too. But much of that poor piano gets gobbled right up! But hey, it remains a fantastic and very enjoyable track.

And man, that loop would sound perfect on here if we hadn't had to move on from the old-school Flash setup. Ah, well. Happy Halloween, my friends! Best of luck in the Spooktacular.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I'm glad to see you enjoyed it, especially as it's a bit different, stylewise, from what we usually make :D
I also love Jordi's ad-libs!

It's fun to play and compose something a bit more jazzy every now and then (I recall when you did it with "One of Those Days"). I've got plenty of VSTs I rarely get to use, so I like to bring them out for tracks like this :3
Jordi came up with those lyrics in just a few minutes, which is insane considering how fitting they are, imo! We were listening to some 50s jazz (trying to look for something a bit spooky), when looking for inspiration, and we kind of just created the foundation for this piece on the spot.

As for the bass, I used the Komplete : World : Cuba kontakt instrument. I was a bit torn, since it has this great sound, but it tends to sit a bit weirdly in the mix. I'm sure with more work on it, it'd be possible to balance it out a bit better, but I've probably gotten too used to hearing it as it is for now, so perhaps after I distance myself from the piece a bit it'll be easier to get it right.

Yeah, I didn't do much to Jordi's vocals when I was mixing. That's the nice thing about working with someone as talented at singing (and fixing up the audio files); it kinda just fits on top of the track with some reverb (and perhaps some minor compression).
The piano I used has a great upright sound, but it cracks and clips really easily if it's played too loudly, which is why I kept it low-key. It's also quite repetitive, so I felt like it didn't need as much emphasis; it's there more as a backbone, the way I see it.

And yeah, it seems like the current NG player loops things weel about 1/4th of the time or so, which is interesting; I'd like to know how exactly it works.
Oh well, I'm sure it'll change again in the future, and maybe become better, with any luck :DDD
At least the piece loops well on WinAmp (for Windows; the mac version I believe doesn't loop things well).

Thanks a lot for the detailed review! I hope you're doing well ^____^
Happy Halloweeeeen!!!!!

Smooth and catchy.
Melody, perc and instruments - right on point.
EW's vocals amazing as usual.
Agree with Conquestus about the bass though, but on the other hand it kinda adds that room live effect inside the song though. :)
Great work guys!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you for listening and for reviewing!

I had fun working with the sax and the synth. I rarely create jazz songs, so it's a nice change :D

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4.27 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2018
1:09 PM EDT
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