Flames of Phrygia

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Inspired by God of War 2...creepy synths with multiple choruses, strings and percussion.

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super epic song awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

super epic song

i seen the lets play on god of war 3 and its both epic and funny. this song helped me finish superfighters and i never repeat it and it make me imagine in a greek or egyptan war against jb,megaman,and ppgz's forces well it is super duper epic
thank u artist u and the artist of this song is epic >:) :) >:D :D :F :E :P :L :K

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

Thanks again!

Foreboding, dark, haunting

Oh man, this is very unique. It's really cool to see stuff like this. It's a rare occurrence, you see. Too bad there's not a World Music genre on here.

Anyways, I really appreciate the use of world percussion, as I find world percussion incredibly fascinating. It also really makes the mood of this song. The beginning pads are incredibly foreboding and spooky. The chanting also makes it quite haunting. The instrument use in this song is great, and I can tell you were experimenting with this one. My only dislikes were the following:

1. I feel the percussion was EVER SO SLIGHTLY too loud. Some of the sounds were just a super tiny bit too loud.

2. The kick drum sound that is used, the second kick out of the RealDrumkits pack, I feel it's out of place. It could probably be made to sound great if you did some effects work to it. Perhaps the B%u0101y%u0101ñ (the deeper pitched drum of a pair of Tabla) would work as a better substitute.

3. I feel some of sitar sounding instrument is a little random when it comes in, and if it is going to be used, it should be used more often.

This song is great and generates an awesome mood. It was also a breath of fresh air to find a song such as this on the portal. Props to you for your great ideas and imagination.

- Arron -

I am a HUGE fan of God of War, and I am eagerly awaiting the release of the third. It's pretty cool to find a fellow player of the series. You wouldn't happen to have a PlayStation 3, would you?!

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

thank you for another splendid review Arron :) it's still nice to receive helpful feedback on older tracks!

i guess there could be a world or ethnic genre, but their can be world rock, world techno, world classical, world anything, really.

really glad you like my usage of world percussion. i've always been interested in other cultures instruments and enjoy incorporating such into my music. as for the dislikes:

1. yeah, most likely. i was horrible with levels at the time i made this 2+ years ago XD

2. very true, the "kick" was just something lower that i needed to fill out the bassier range, i didnt have much ethnic drums to use in that register at the time. also, i assume you mean bayan, i applaud your knowledge on the details of indian percussion instruments :) however, i dont think a baya slap would be powerful enough for what i have here.

3. true, i would have liked some more developed phrasing on the stringed part (some type of lute is what I used, wasnt a sitar :P). i just threw in some melodic 'filler' here to make the track longer.

and yes, God of War rocks, i have the OST to the second game, and i must have played GoW atleast 2 or 3 times a year because the game is that great. no I dont have a PS3, but i really dont have a choice but to purchase one once GoW3 comes out!

anyways, thanks again for the reviews man!!

very amusing...

it almost sounds like your trapped under a tomb (whether it be in egypt or greek) but its like the only way for you to escape is to search through the tomb for a relic or something that will save you from the evils inside congrats on this and , favorited


Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

thanks for the review, good description!

I agree with sculpted

Really great piece, but maybe put some woodwinds in like a bassoon or a bansuri.
The strings played in very well as did the small percussion sounds. Chanting in the bg was magical, wind was well placed, sound well paced ( ^_^ hey that rhymed )
Overall really awesome piece, great ambient music =]

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

Yeah, I agree with that idea. Maybe I'll make a new version of this :) Thanks for the review!

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May 23, 2007
10:12 PM EDT
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