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How does the guitar sound? not the mix because I have not mixed yet but does the guitar work for the track?

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The guitar sounds pretty decent, not overpowering or anything like that. The rhythm is easy on the ears and nice to listen to.

In regards to the rest, I feel you should work on mixing and mastering before publishing work instead of posting pre-mixed stuff. The only other thing I would remove are the vocals at the very start, it does not sound good in that area to me.

This is awesome! I love how there is a range of different sounds, and the use of beat and rhythm are used really well. I can't wait to hear more stuff like this! Keep it up!

I was asked for feedback specifically on the guitar, so I'll do my best to provide it.

I like the lead you wrote. It's not prominent, though, until 1:05 or thereabouts, and when it is, it feels a little bit tinny.

1:47 onwards, too many slides IMHO.

I'm only a basic guitarist, but I speak knowing and regularly watching someone play lead guitar. Outside of there being too many slides close to each other, that sounds like a doable lead. It would probably need to match the feel of the song, though, and lead guitarists who want to complement a song would run into trouble. It feels too samey, is the first impression I'm getting with that lead guitar. The piece itself also feels pretty samey apart from a few parts where it dips down.

The request is purely for the guitar, so I will only focus on that aspect.

I think the first thing I notice with the guitar is that it feels very scale-y, which creates a level of basic that I think you can expand on. As far as the guitar sound itself, I think that you could work on the EQ for it a bit and add a little bit to the high-end to make it stand out a bit more. I think the delay could be stretch out a bit more to create a bit of distance with it. Even thought I won't mention the mix itself, the guitar seems to be struggling to mesh in with the song and the trumpet is meshing quite well, so I would recommend that you take note on what the trumpet is doing and try to emulate that with your guitar.

Otherwise, you have a great start, but the guitar need a little work to work better with the song.

Ok, let me re-do the review.

I think the guitar sounds good, but I personally dont really like the effect used before 2:00. I have to say though that the piano and especially the trumpets coming in after 02:40 in particular give a very nice touch and feel to this song. It would fit very well for a happy scene if you get the idea, at the beach for example. The build-ups are good and keep the song relaxing while it varies with different instruments. I would suggest making the ending a bit more finished though, for me it sounds like the ending is a bit sudden and this could work better with a fade-out in some sort of way.... I think that I like the second part better then the first part, there is a clear part between the beginning, with the piano as it seems to me using a lowpass, and the guitar starting around 00:30 and ending after 00:59 with the other parts.

I think he overall structure of this song is quite good. Keep up the good work.

5Dollar responds:

that is what I was expecting lol

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