D-Boy VS. Nny

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Some lyrics are excerpts from JTHM by Jhonen Vasquez. Nny Takes on the D-boy! Enjoy!


Very Nice.

Rarely have I heard or seen anyone who can capture the darker aspects of this comic in such a light. It has a very industrial edge to it, kind of reminds me of Skinny Puppy in some ways. The 9/10 is because as much as I enjoy it, it still feels like it's missing something. I'm not sure what. But I look forward to hearing your other works. Good job!

soulmasking responds:

Thank you, I appreciate your review. I have to say this is definitely one of my favorite songs I have created. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


I agree with katanakaji

The whisperings and howlings also portray Nny's downward spiral into a further haunting dementia due to the doughboys. You should continue to do music in this style because I feel that you have it down pretty well. Great job.
fav + dl

soulmasking responds:

I will most likely do song similar to this every so often. I do enjoy doing them, but I don't want to pigeon hole myself either. I want a work on different styles of music every so often just to refresh myself and maybe while doing so, I will learn something new that can help me improve other genres of music I create. I do promise you though that I will continue to make songs within the same genre as this one. I'm glad you enjoyed this song, and am very honored that you favorited it. Out of the songs I have already done that are similar to this, I would recommend POSSESSION: METAL. That may tide you over till I get another one out. Thanks for the compliments, observations, review, scores, favorites(!), they are all much appreciated.

\m/ (-_-)

\m/(-_)) <==== Look it's an emo rocker :p

Happy Noodle boy agrees.

I dont think that I could have illustrated johnny's progression into madness any better. It just as well illustrates his madness with sound. The industrial standard is met pretty well with the subtext lyrics and the undertone madness beat.

this deserves a 10. hands against the bloody wall.

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soulmasking responds:

Thanks, I think the song overall came together fairly nicely, and I'm glad you believe the song's tone fits well with Johnny's state of mind. I would love to see more JTHM on NG, but I'm unsure that will happen. I appreciate the generous score, compliments and for taking the time to write that awesome review.

\m/ (-_-)

Not bad

The rhythm is quite good and JTHM is fucking awesome. The only thing I think would make this song better is really if you mixed the vocals a bit better. It's pretty hard to make out most of them, whhich actually might have been what you were going for, but with a bit of eqing I think you could make the vocals cut through the mix a little more. Still though I did enjoy the tune quite a bit. It's minimalistic, but not in a bad way. Keep it up dude.

soulmasking responds:

Ha... DUALLY NOTED - JTHM IS fucking awesome! Based on the vocals though, it was kind of my intention. I was attempting to give the feeling of confusion that nny was going through. I distorted both vocals and guitar in this song to try and give it a feel of confusion, dread, and madness. I'm not quite sure I achieved that successfully, since I didn't really want it to be as difficult as it seems to be to hear the lyrics. I do agree that if I didn't know what I was saying I probably wouldn't be able to understand it very well either (at least I posted lyrics). Aside from that I have put a lot of time into other songs with lots of extra "fluff" and instruments just to have them shot down for being too busy, so with this one I took a step back and just went with what was important. I was trying for the bare minimum, I'm glad that wasn't a negative in your opinion. I will be sure to keep all this in mind in furture projects. Thanks for your great score, time, and awesome review.



another good nny song! couldent understand the voices in some parts, mostly all understandable but yeah keep it up.

soulmasking responds:

Most of its from different comics in the JTHM series. The song has exceprts from early comics, and later ones, so its supposed to be kinda a sum up of all comic, sort of a beginning to end, and showing Nny's progession into utter madness. I've listed the lyrics to the song further down on this review. I hope that helps you understand me more. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the review.



I want out of this.
Nailbunny stopped talking yesterday-I know you know why.
You've stolen too much of me... I'm through with being used.
You don't control me...
I... control me!

Kill em!
Kill em!
Kill em all!

You're just plain sick, Johnny, you're doing nothing to be proud of.
You've done hideous things, but for all the wrong reasons.
Can't you feel it in you?
Can't you feel that you've just become yet another one of the things that make the world so vile!!!
You've lost sight of the truth!!!

Shut the fuck up!

Mr. Fuck Lies Johnny!
No love, No happiness, No moon!!
Nothing for you!!
I speak only the truth!
Untainted Knowledge!
listen to m-


I'm gonna go kill a party clown!
Shut the fuck up!
I'm gonna go kill a party clown!
Kill em! Kill em! Kill em all!
I'm gonna go kill a party clown!
Shut the fuck up!
I'm gonna go kill a party clown!
Kill em! Kill em! Kill em all!
I'm gonna go kill a party clown!

I'm gonn
Gonna go kill (x4)
Kill em! (x2)
I'm gonna go kill a party clown!

Kill em! Kill em! Kill em all!
Kill em! Kill em! Kill em all!
(fuck you!)

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