Searching for the Princess

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I made this for chips 28 https://www.chipscompo.com/compo/77

It's the first song I made after a break lasting over a month. I didn't have any good ideas for extending it, so I left it short.

I hope you enjoy it! :)

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Aw yeah, I love little waltzes like this! Really like how you used the instruments here; bassoon and celeste really sold me on the piece early on, and the violin had a perfectly expressive melody line. I think you might have been able to vary it up a bit more by having a cello take the melody once the instrumentation thins out a bit, like a response to the previous phrase (especially because it's hard to hear the flute over what the violin is doing). My only gripe with the ending is that the major 3rd comes in while you're still on the V chord, which just sounds odd - the leading violin goes from [scale degree] 1 to 7, but then jumps to the major 3rd and leaps up to the 1 above, while the counter line does the same thing, but goes from the min3 to maj3 before jumping. It sticks out less the more times I listen, but it definitely jumped out the first time. I also think the 2nd violin should stick to the major 3rd on the last chord, but that's just my opinion. Great classical piece after a month-long break! :D

Everratic responds:

Thanks for the review! I get your comments about the ending. I normally wouldn't end a song like that but I had no ideas for extending it and settled with the first ending I came up with. I like your idea about the cello :)

The harpsichord sounds really ominous in that register for some reason. Haunting piece. Violin really sold the apprehensive mood. Sounds like the rescue squad is sneaking around the enemy's castle, evading the guards, and then they finally find where the princess is hidden by the end. Well-balanced texture, too, despite a relatively quiet mix. Another short but highly enjoyable piece, BO! Keep it up!

Everratic responds:

Thanks for the review, and I'm glad it evokes a vivid story for you :D

Not my kind of favorite music to be honest, but that doesn't mean it's not good. It's GREAT! the theme really points out "Medieval" great job, i just love your music :D

Everratic responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you can still appreciate it :)

That's indeed what I was aiming for.

Short but tasty af.

Love the waltzish rhythm and the instruments.
Humanization was really well done.

Minor complaints - violin dynamics are great but it sounded a bit loud at 0:32, and I would've put a moment of silence now and then, maybe pluck some notes in the melody instead of holding them all the time.

Would work well as the royal hall loop in in some game.
Actually there's a clear picture in my mind since the track's on loop for quite some time now. :)

Great job overall. :)

Everratic responds:

Thanks for the review!

Your interpretation is very similar to mine. I got inspired by the very beginning of FFIX when Steiner searches for Garnet.

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